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  1. Yes, it is possible – in high school.

    Usually, there are fewer pairs in the schedule for the penultimate and final courses, and you can score on some pairs and not appear on them. As a result, there is time for work. Some employers like to hire students, because you can pay less, students can gain experience.

    But you will have to work ~30 hours a week – and this is quite a lot. It should be borne in mind that there will be practically no free time left when combining work and study

  2. It depends on how long you work. I'm currently working half-time and studying full-time. I keep up with everything, I don't have any problems or tails. I know some people who work 30 or even all 40 hours a week. They don't look very much like poor people exhausted by life, they study well. So, as said above, it's a matter of desire.

  3. I studied for a master's degree and worked full-time schedule 5/2. She graduated from the university with a red diploma. “If you really want to….” as they say. Before I went to work, I announced that I was studying and sometimes I would need to leave for pairs, they let me go without any problems. It's easier to reach an agreement with your employer:)

  4. 4-5 courses I studied (full-time) and worked in the specialty 2-3 hours 5-6 days a week and I am very happy about it. Because they helped me figure out what I really needed to do at work, one of my training practices was paid, and after university I didn't have to suffer like most of my classmates in search of work.

  5. From personal experience, I confirm the above.

    It was open from 9: 00 to 18: 00. I studied from 18: 30 to 21: 30. Since the university went to meet us, the masters, we also added classes on Saturdays.�

    3 months at this rate (March-May). After that, I passed my exams very mediocre, because of the constant cough in my head. My personal life is questionable, I don't have time for friends, I'm immune ( personally, I had this because I didn't have time to eat normally, + my colleagues are always sick at work, but this is a completely different conversation), and my apathy subsided by the summer with a wonderful rest. ��

    Conclusion: it would be better to pass a free internship in some global company, or figure out what my place in this world is.

  6. Perhaps, but understand that you can't keep up with two birds with one stone – either you devote yourself to work and start having problems with your studies, or you get stuck in your studies and lose your job.

    My classmates, for example, work part-time a couple of days a week and receive money, while there is time for both study and personal life.

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