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  1. Naturally, this determines the status of the school to some extent. Yes, but a gold medal now does not guarantee a high-paying job. It doesn't really matter at all. Except to warm up your ego and hang it on the wall by the bed.

  2. Moscow region. Points, as well as any other advantages, the medal does not give. Teachers ' salaries directly depend on the number of excellent students. They even have such a column in their professional development report. Also, I would like to note that the higher the school's GPA, the higher its funding. And a chance to get into high school, and they don't like them at all.

  3. I think it's profitable. Specifically, in my class, several people had their grades raised and grades added so that they could get a gold medal. Many people cannot and do not want to do this on their own for various reasons.�
    Now it seems that a medal can add a couple of points when entering a university, but this is not everywhere, if I remember correctly.

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