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  1. For a modern person, this is not just stupid, but close to schizophrenia and ectremism, since vegan behavior undermines the health of all mankind and contradicts the laws of nature.

    I'm not even talking about hypocrisy and bigotry in the vegan environment, which is close to fascist in its essence.

    And our world is designed in such a way that it is impossible to become completely vegan in it, which means it will always be stupidity, utopia and hypocrisy, like, for example, communism. It's like giving up the use of money and clothing in a modern metropolis. How do you think this will end for such a fanatic?

  2. Yes, very stupid.

    1. Man in the process of evolution is created to eat food of animal origin, this is a necessary condition for a full and healthy life.

    2. As for morals: animals kill and eat each other themselves, that is the animal world. To live, you need to eat, if you are a predator or omnivore, then you need to eat animals.

  3. Yes, if you became a vegan just because it's fashionable and you can show off in front of others.
    Not if you really care about animals and for you it's not just a fashion statement.
    I also consider it stupid to forcibly force others to do this. In many groups, they just rudely impose this, call people who eat meat in every possible way, and vice versa-omnivores call herbivores, so to speak. Some people don't eat broccoli or drink coffee, but that's not a reason to call them names and impose their lifestyle. In short the dispute between these two castes will never be resolved

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