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  1. Everyone has abilities that are developed in a favorable environment. Talent – a high level of development of these abilities.

    You can't become talented without making an effort.
    If a person, without prior training, begins to do something and creates masterpieces,then we are talking about genius.

  2. ALL people are talented, but it is not easy to discover their talents, undetected talents are missed opportunities.

    TALENTS are often discovered at a very advanced age and a person manages to use it very productively.

    The reasons for discovering talents in adults are accumulated experience and knowledge and the famous principle – “the transition of accumulated positive quantity (experience and knowledge) to a new quality”.

  3. I believe that every person can achieve greatness if they grow and develop in favorable conditions. The problem is that in most cases the conditions are not optimal: parents are not taught how to properly raise their children, classmates humiliate them at school, etc.

  4. Talent is discovered if there is a goal and motivation to achieve it.

    First of all, the task, talent as a way to achieve the solution of the problem.

    If there is a goal / task, then finding a talent is easy:

    1. you need to decide to get out of your comfort zone yourself and accept the goal as a positive.

    2. get into a situation that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

    3. realize P1 or P2 as a chance to dig up talent in yourself, and not cry.

    4. repeat 1-3 times until you reach the goal.

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