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  1. ALL ISMS are created and sponsored not by pawns, but by queens.

    Pawns are victims of any talented propaganda. The reason is the complete lack of full-fledged humanitarian education in all countries and times.

  2. Not at all.

    Fascism implies a clear implementation of the “friend-foe” system in relation to people of other nationalities. Ordinary people, the lowest strata of the population, evaluate people based on their experience. A neighbor gave me vodka – he's Jewish, but he's a good guy. The boss caught him drinking at work – he's a brute, even though he's Russian. The assessment is based on the level of personal comfort from the person.

    Another thing is that people of the lower stratum often have a lower level of education, less critical thinking, which means that they are more easily influenced by propaganda. If such people become fascists, it is not by their own decision, but because they said so on TV. They wrote in the newspaper that all Jews are reptiles – I believed it. I recommend reading V.'s poem.Vysotsky's “Anti-Semite”. The attraction of a lower-class person to ideology is very accurately conveyed.

    Fascism , on the other hand, is rather the opinion of the middle class, when a person's needs for belonging to certain social groups and achieving some results begin to come to the fore. If these needs cannot be met for some reason (as in Italy and Germany in the 1930s), then it becomes necessary to create such groups. And the easiest way is to simply highlight a feature that is common to a large group of people. This is either a nationality or a religious affiliation. What's the best way to highlight your achievements? Declare nationality as something significant, something very special, chosen. That is, the lazy middle class is somehow automatically drawn to fascism.

  3. The question is illiterate, although its meaning is clear and the topic is worthy of discussion.

    Дело в том, что Фашизм -это идеология , основанная  
    на представлении о том, что государство проводит 
    социальную политику в пользу народа, но  в обмен на это  
    оставляет и реализует за собой право распоряжаться его судьбой.
    Так формулировал  суть фашизма один из его идеологов Джентиле.  
     Фашизм, как государственный строй был реализован в Италии
     при Муссолини.
    Экономической базой фашизма был корпоративизм -совместное 
    Управление капиталистами и рабочими предприятиями.
    В военном отношении фашизм  склонялся к империализму

    Kubin. State.

    Nostrum (Our Sea)”that's what they called the Mediterranean.
    And it is absolutely impossible to say that the practice of fascism was
    extremely popular.
    Now the concept of fascism has become a household name for
    everything bad and what you don't like.
    This term has become particularly popular in polemics conducted on
    behalf of Communists.

  4. Called someone inferior?!

    Get hit back!

    And not only verbal!

    And the blame is on you, the self-styled “higher ones”!

    And the observation is correct, just do not blame your stupid head on the “lower”one.

  5. Both fascism and Nazism are, to paraphrase Lenin, the radicalism of small proprietors who are on the verge of ruin and are enraged in this regard, both against the big proprietors and against the proletariat, whose ranks the small bourgeoisie really does not want to get into. Everything else – anti-Semitism, extreme nationalism, racism-is a consequence of this”social rage”.

  6. Interesting question, slightly provocative wording for our format. “These ridiculous people are trying to teach us to separate fascism and national Socialism,” although the latter was not even mentioned at all. But it doesn't matter, “for me, fascism is nationalism + authoritarianism,” and I allow myself to consider this phenomenon in very broad terms. And, “probably,” my opinion will be correct in answering your question. �Because really, �and historical �of the NSDAP, �and modern French Front national �and �probably �you notorious modern Russian regime of motion, �known for his love of beating the liberals and nenavistyu to the Ukrainians (and for me, all three of these phenomena �the Nazis) , �in the first place, �appeal to the lower strata of the population. And this is logical, because the essence of fascist rhetoric is populism. Let's not forget that “every political idea is more or less in line with the interests of a certain group of people,” for example, liberal ideas of the 19th century were popular with merchants, ” and conservative ideas were popular with the aristocracy. The loud statements ” that the Fuhrer and the Duce threw into the crowd “were too simple and too reassuring “to impress intelligent people,” but just for the uneducated workers. “Yes,” workers were also more prone to everyday racism, ” a distorted and aggressive understanding of the nation. Today, everything is about the same- ” only an uneducated person will believe “that migrants and the State Department are to blame for all Russia's problems. “Yes,” today it is more likely not even the working class, ” but any marginal scum, “but nevertheless,” it exists. Populism, in itself, is inherent in many trends ,movements and phenomena, but look at the same Trump. It is often the most effective way to win an election. And fascism has made this populism more rounded and impressive, filled it with aggression and passion. The fascists were very talented people, and they were able to translate the usual ultra-right populism, “which in principle has always been popular,” into something new, “much more complex,” organized and terrible.

  7. Slightly different. The demand for protection on the basis of nationality is put forward by those who are not competitive, for whom it is fundamentally important to reduce the level of access to the benefits of life for survival.

  8. Well, we have already written about fascism, Nazism and the need to distinguish between these concepts.

    As for the ostentatious love and interest in the Third Reich in the modern world and its aesthetics (especially among young people)- there are several reasons for this.

    First, the forbidden fruit is always sweet. The topic of National Socialism and the Third Reich was taboo for many years. People who had passed the war, concentration camps and other “charms” of war remained in good health. Just for the mention of this ideology, it was possible to shlopat enchanting lyuley. About the mention of the beauty of the SS uniform, I generally keep silent, they would have scored with piss rags.

    Secondly, the project of the “millennial” Reich is really quite interesting and looks like a fairy tale. These are the castles of SS Himmler, with his desire to create not just an organization, but a real order of chivalry. The study of ancient legends and symbols and the creation of separate institutions dedicated exclusively to this. Striving for the superman. You can talk about beautiful and majestic architectural projects for days on end. These are the first jet fighters, ballistic missiles, flying saucer projects.
    As the Harry Potter book described Voldemort:”He did terrible things, but great things.”

    Third, the fashion for cynicism among young people has gone, and anonymity allows you to do this with impunity.

    Fourth, what is happening in the modern world. The reason is purely political. The multiculturalism project has failed everywhere. No one knows what to do with international Islamic terrorism. In Paris, there are areas that whites should not enter. A huge number of migrants using the social assistance of European countries at the same time refuse to accept the customs of local residents, comply with the law and even work. Politicians are unable to solve problems by whining about the need for tolerance(EU and US) and spirituality (RF).
    And then there is a simple and clear political ideology that has its own opinion on the solution of this problem(and has practical experience in this solution). People are tired of the bastard hypocrisy, tired of being afraid to go out on their own streets… and they want a real solution, clear and fast.
    National Socialism is rising from the ashes.(As we remember from history, it rises when the mass of people reaches the boiling point) And until the problems begin to be solved, it is destined to grow and become a new political force in Europe. The degree is only increasing so far, and there are more and more supporters of this ideology(especially among young people).

  9. I would start by wondering: “Why do people who don't know anything about political science and terms use the word 'fascism' out of place?”
    Fascism is a political movement in Italy in the first half of the 20th century, why did you mention it?
    Well, why do you consider the bottom of those who watch anime, despite the fact that usually highly paid IT specialists watch anime, for example?

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