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  1. Complementing the previous commentator's answer: this is true for professional boxing or when you are actively performing in amateur boxing, where you regularly get hit in the head. This does not mean that anyone who decides to take up martial arts in their spare time is a terminal Parkinsonian. At least this person will not fight anyone for the first year at all (if he is engaged from scratch): they will teach him how to properly stand up, move around, redistribute weight, and then practice air strikes, shadow fighting, and various other techniques (so that, for example, he doesn't squint when he takes a hit). If the coach is not beaten, of course, and then anything can happen.

  2. Heavy physical activity does not have a negative impact on mental abilities. Moderate and regular ones, on the contrary, can contribute to their improvement.
    The exception is boxing. Since the author chose a photo of a boxer as the cover of the question, I can't help but mention such a condition as dementia pugilistica-dementia of boxers. Since athletes in this sport have to endure frequent and strong blows to the head, over time, atrophy of brain neurons develops, which leads to a decrease in intelligence, memory, and emotional instability.

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