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  1. I think that's true. During the holidays, I was sent to my grandmother, I slept on the couch and there was a chiffonier with a mirror on the opposite side, I couldn't sleep for a long time and began to look in the mirror, what I saw there was remembered for the rest of my life. There was a bonfire and people who looked like gypsies were sitting around it, and one of them turned around and looked directly at me, and then everything was covered with a haze and disappeared. It was just a chiffonier with a mirror in front of me again.

  2. It was in the evening, at the mirror in the hallway. I stared intently at my face after washing it for possible imperfections. At the end, I just met my reflection's gaze and froze. I was standing very close, so that only my face was visible, and the edges of the mirror, and especially the wall around its perimeter, were not visible, and I got the eerie impression that there was no mirror, but something with my appearance was just standing in front of me, and in absolute silence it was staring at me intently. I say “something” because I could feel the threat, hostility, even outright hatred in his eyes. It was scary. You know, in movies they show this: a person turns away from the mirror, and the reflection looks at him from there. The obsession passed, and I went to bed in deep thought, because any sofa psychologist will interpret this case in a certain way:)

  3. I came across this once. I was tormented by severe insomnia, the time is under 3 in the morning, I am alone. I've heard about such an optical illusion, they say: “if you stare at your reflection for a long time in poor light conditions, you can see distorted perception and all sorts of unclean ghouls.” I decided to give it a try. Since I didn't have a candle, I picked up my phone, pointed it at the ceiling, and put it aside. I sat down in front of the mirror and stared into it. A minute passed. I didn't see anything but a pimply face). But after about 2 minutes of clearly examining the features of the structure of my eye, I began to notice some paranormal stuff: black eye sockets like in horror movies, shadows behind me arranged a rave party, my face floated like wax. For the sake of a stronger effect, I continued to stare intently into my own eyes. After 5 minutes from the very beginning of the” procedure”, all of the above increased, but I did not feel much discomfort. And then my cat grazed the clothes hanging on the chair and it fell. At that moment, I took a shit. My heart was pounding and I was in a bit of shock. The main horror stories went after the mirror: as I moved, I encountered different shadows and incomprehensible sounds (my imagination weighed to the fullest), because of the load on my eyes, visibility in the semi-darkness appeared and disappeared. The effect disappeared after 5 minutes after turning on the music.�

    In general, to tickle your nerves, this is a good option. I remember with a smile and a slight shudder.

  4. It was about 15 years old. All according to the canon: candle, mirror, home alone. It wasn't night, of course, but deep evening. But still.
    As the commentator said above, it's all about the candle and how it burns , because the only light source that “twitches” and gives different shadows every time. All visions and hallucinations are built from this. And even if my brain was used to the dynamics of changing shadows and all the evil spirits that tried to kidnap me, kill me, eat me, and even scare me, it wasn't used to the static and motionless reflection of my face. Standing like this for about five minutes, settling all the visions, you involuntarily start to yawn, which I did. The facial contortion caused by my yawning, which is still in my head and which excites me every time I remember this story, is not the most pleasant.
    His body wouldn't let him move. I stared at my distorted face in the mirror more and more, and there was nothing more I could do. At some point, I managed to take a step back, but it wasn't there. My imagination was running wild and there was no stopping it. Taking a step back, I was waiting for babayki behind me, which a minute ago only calmed down, that's when the drive began. Rigor mortis and a slight shock, behind the babayki, and in the reflection of my distorted face. At some point, I found the strength to blow out the candle and stepped back. On tiptoe. Reverse gear. Without looking back. Turning over in the dark what was in the room, I safely went to bed under the blanket, because I knew that no one would get me there.�
    So yes, it's true.

  5. One of my friends, a “spiritualist”(a fan of all sorts of paranormal things), decided to somehow beat out the “atheistic arrogance” out of me: late at night, he took me into a dark room with my eyes closed, set me in front of several mirrors set at an angle to each other with a candle in his hand, left the room, turning on the chants of Tibetan monks, and gave the command to open my eyes. 10 minutes of eye-to-eye meditation with your reflection did not give anything special: the rear reflections float and flicker in time with the swaying of the fire, the reflection that you look at from the eye periodically “flows” in pieces disappearing(the blind spot jumps from refocusing the eyes). Everyone looks very tired, including the Tibetan monks in the background.

  6. Well, I once tried a ritual where I was required to look in the mirror. Just look in the mirror. In my eye. Late at night. At the witching hour. With candles in his hands.�
    That's thanks to candles, I think, the imagination is completely rampant. Because the shadows behind me were constantly moving, and my sick mind found familiar images there: people, monsters, undead of all sorts. In general, the back was a real theater of shadows. The scariest shadow theater of my life. But fuck them, these shadows. The worst part was that when I got tired of standing there and staring at my eye, I would add that I had to keep looking until I felt my face begin to change. So, I stood like this for 10-15 minutes, my body was already tired and I moved my head down a little, as a result, I did not intentionally stumble upon the so-called blind zone, and the eye that I was staring at so hard fell out of my field of vision.�
    I mean, I'm standing in the bathroom, late at night, with a candle in my hand, behind me, not only is there a pretty scary shadow dance, but my eye has also disappeared.

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