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  1. Yes possible. There are a large number of exercises on the Internet that help you achieve Lucid Dreaming (OS) and go to the Astral plane. Moreover, the OS is much more difficult to achieve. And leaving the body is quite simple, especially easy to achieve this in the early morning. For example, you wake up at 4-5 o'clock in the morning, then it is important to stay awake for a while ( usually 30-40 minutes ), after which you go to bed, relax and try your best not to fall asleep. As soon as the eyes begin to close, and waves of vibrations and ringing in the ears roll through the body-wait for the arrival.) good luck ✌ ️

  2. In a dream, the brain ceases to control so tightly, and is engaged only in the functions of life support. Still archiving and processing impressions from the day. So it is really easier for consciousness to slip out of the cell and take a walk before the morning examination. But not to be confused with self-awareness in a dream, it is still inside. At the real exit, you see not your fantasies, but the real world, but with astral eyes. You can literally read the license plate of a car on the street, write it down when you wake up and go check it out.

  3. To begin with, such a phenomenon/place as astal does not exist objectively. Therefore, there is nowhere to go. You can sleep dreamlessly or have dreams. Dreams are formed from the so-called unconscious. Fragments of memories, plans for the future, unfinished business, fears, general health, etc. – all this creates the most amazing stories and images that we can see in a dream. However, do not call it astral. We are adults 😉

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