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  1. A good friend of mine shared a personal experience with me about the effect of positive thoughts on mood swings.

    He was traveling on public transport. It's been a terrible day. The weather is disgusting. I didn't want to do anything and go somewhere at all, because nothing good would come of it. And the people around them with their scowls and indifferent faces were even more annoying. The mood was at zero.

    And he thought: I will smile. I'll stretch out my mouth in a big smile, and so I'll go. I don't care what anyone thinks of me.

    And he began to smile. At first, it is tense, through force. But after a few minutes, his mood began to change, and his smile became more natural. And some of the people around him also began to smile back at him. By the end of the ride, his mood had completely changed. And then the day went well.

    Our thoughts send the mindset for action to the body. And if the thought is already expressed in real action, then of course it affects events and life in general!

    A friend of mine read the reception with a smile in a book by Dale Carnegie. Positive thoughts to you!

  2. Um…. there's a subtlety here.
    Autosuggestion does not change the circumstances of life, but it can change your attitude to these circumstances. In a fairly small range, to be honest.
    So if collectors came to visit your house, no “oh, how well everything turned out” will help you pay the debt.

    But if a person constantly whines for minor reasons (and there are not so few such citizens), then such a person spoils his own life.
    Just by whining.
    And maybe not just whining, because such people often tend to put up with some kind of trouble, and stupidly do not solve their problems.
    In this case, “positive” and ” motivation “(and to be honest, just stop whining and start solving your problems) really helps to improve your life.

  3. Although not a little depends on how we look at certain difficulties, for example, as psychologists say, “if it is impossible to change the situation, change your attitude to it” and sometimes it helps. But sometimes something really needs to change in our lives. But on the other hand, no matter how hard you look or try, there are things that are not served positively. Such autosuggestion can set up unjustified expectations and disappoint. There is a popular saying that hope dies last, but if hope dies, then it is a bad hope. A wise book about realistic expectations that encourage you to think positively says:

    “Faith is the assurance of what we expect with hope, the confirmation of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11: 1).

    What do you think, Faith in what, and what hope did those people have that they expected with confidence, although they have not yet seen?

  4. Yes, it has nothing to do with mysticism and the flow of energies, it is programming your consciousness. You will begin to notice more good things in your life, moreover, the people around you will be more positive, because we are social animals and unconsciously copy the habits and mood of the people around us.

    Another thing is that this requires at first an effort of will and concentration on how to think in a positive way, everything is in your hands..

  5. You are what your thoughts are, and if you think positively, you will change as a person and the whole world will be different for you. “Don't be angry with others and don't be angry yourself, We are guests in this mortal world, And if something is wrong, accept it! Be smarter- – – smile. Think with your head cold. After all, everything in the world is natural, the evil that you radiate will return to you without fail.” With respect.

  6. If you have previously thought negatively, then yes, life will get better. But I would advise you to never forget about the negative, it's like a seasoning in a dish.

    The negative, if analyzed and worked with, is our ground for development.

  7. Life will be really good if you learn to notice and use the opportunities that it gives you. Positive thinking is just a side effect of these actions =)

  8. Some psychologists (I'm too lazy to find out which ones) believe that forcibly implanting positivity in your thinking can lead to neurosis. Or maybe it won't. The main thing is to be sincere with yourself. When you think of life as suffering, its joys are perceived stronger and more wonderful, like candy once a week is sweeter than candy three times a day. And suffering doesn't change happiness, I know it looks crazy, but it's possible. When you feel bad, don't convince yourself that it's actually good, just know that it's bad now, but it will be good later. Everything that is done is for the best.

  9. Thinking positively is certainly a good thing. But only if it does not go beyond the scope, and does not become self-deception.
    It seems to me that it is necessary to be able to isolate more good than bad from the surrounding things and events.
    This is the key to “positive thinking”,and moral attitudes like: “Life is beautiful, life is a gift” is some kind of infantile nonsense that will not stand up to any criticism. Imho.

  10. Yes, it's true. In this way, you form a very good attitude that can help you overcome life's troubles. So it's really quite good.

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