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  1. The level of intelligence does not correlate with the absence or presence of any desires. Plus: no intellectual would ever call himself an intellectual.

    Is it normal to divide people into rednecks and elites? Answer: yes, if you're a redneck.

    I will share my thoughts with you and would very much like to hear if you agree with them: Rednecks are not only highly prim residents of dysfunctional ghettos in tracksuits – I already see this image as something caricatured and sunk into oblivion (like the “new Russians” and demotivators). In addition to the voiced category of cattle, there is another – cattle sapiens. The sapiens redneck thinks it's better than the others. For cattle sapiens always have enemies, detractors. The element of redneck sapiens is to be biased and categorical, putting labels on everything. Redneck sapiens does not think about the fact that every point of view has a place and a right to be; he cannot doubt that his vision of the world or situation is the only correct one. The motto of redneck sapiens is “I do not know that I do not know anything.”

    I will be glad to see a notification about your comment.

  2. The first question, its essence is a little lost when you yourself doubt the existence of separation. What's more, animal sex and fap? Are these related concepts? Therefore, I will answer the second one.

    It is possible and necessary to divide, and not for self-affirmation, but for working on yourself(if you are doing this, of course). For a certain period of time, I was a redneck and I don't think people are rednecks because of their intellectual development. At that time, my pumpkin was quite developed, but the problem was more in behavior. I can't tell you specifically, because I don't like to talk about myself. After I realized what the redneck was, I started to get rid of these signs, and now when I remember my old self, I even feel sick.

  3. Sexual preferences do not depend on intelligence.So among the “rednecks” you can find gentle in bed, and among intellectuals lovers of “animal sex”. This is more a question of morality and human emancipation, but not of intelligence.

    And they certainly masturbate both of them. I don't understand why you counted these actions to cattle?! Like small children.

    Guys, every second, if not the first person around you, masturbates. Fingering. Fapping. Engaged in self-satisfaction. As you wish. Just accept it and don't point your finger, laugh out loud, or discuss it behind your back. This is normal and even good, it is even recommended, so please do not make a circus out of it, and especially do not try to humiliate someone with it.

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