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  1. Not true.�

    But the truth is that there is a functional asymmetry of the brain, i.e. a person is more or less dominated by one hemisphere: the left or right (however, there are also so – called ambidextrous people who have both hemispheres functioning equally). In accordance with which hemisphere plays a more active role in human life, it is characterized by specific abilities. So, people with a dominant left hemisphere are better able to perform logical tasks, have a pronounced analytical thinking, have better verbal abilities, and are often right-handed (but just what a person writes with the right hand does not mean that the left hemisphere is dominant). People who have a predominant right hemisphere are strong in creativity, have the ability to atypically solve problems. There are many different FAM tests that help identify the dominant hemisphere in humans.

    But do not forget that a large activity of one of the hemispheres of the brain does not mean that only one hemisphere is working. In ontogenesis, both hemispheres perform the functions assigned to them.

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