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  1. An attack can provoke rather something negatively colored, although I do not deny the exceptions. But still, people with such diseases, and not only them, first of all, the love and support of loved ones, as well as a calm atmosphere, are important for their well-being. Conflicts destroy this calm atmosphere, and a person suffering from schizophrenia may react to them more acutely than a person without the above disease. Fear, uncertainty, uncertainty, and being unnecessary to loved ones can actualize thoughts of suicide, and, as is well known, suicide is a common cause of death for people with schizophrenia.

  2. Yes, sometimes it can. Schizophrenia occurs, “climbs out” including because of exogenous factors, they should not be discarded at all. An intense feeling of falling in love can serve, but only ONE of the reasons (someone has more, someone has less, I believe).

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