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  1. The brain needs sugar. Glucose is the main source of energy for it.

    The human brain consumes about 0.3 micromol/g of glucose per minute. Let's convert this to grams. To do this, the molar mass of glucose is 180.16 g/mol multiplied by the amount of glucose consumed in moles:�

    180.16 g/mol * 0.0000003 mol = 0.000054 g per gram of brain per minute. The average mass of the adult brain is 1500g.�Total: the brain needs 1500*0.000054 = 0.081 grams of glucose every minute. And per day, this indicator is: 0.081*1440 = 116.64 grams.


    People who do not consume sugar, still synthesize glucose in the body from proteins, fats, glycogen in the process of gluconeogenesis.�


    If you consume an extra amount of glucose, it will be stored in the form of glycogen, fat, in order to further turn into glucose if necessary.

  2. People who don't use sugar as a supplement still consume it — with fruits, for example, with dairy products, with some vegetables, and so on. In order to have enough sugar, it is not necessary to eat sweet tea with donuts 🙂 Natural sugar is found in a large number of products, due to the fact that we need it so much, we are evolutionarily inclined to overeat sweets. It's just that when I was a gatherer and hunter, it was painful not to run away in this regard, but now I know people who drink 20 tablespoons of pure sugar a day with coffee.

  3. I will answer in the words of Dr. Atkins (I think he should be one of the top ten most brilliant scientists of the 20th century!): “If you have been obese for a very long time, you almost certainly have a disturbed carbohydrate metabolism. This is what most studies consistently confirm. That is, sugar, refined carbohydrates, defective products that make up such a huge share in food, are a slow-acting poison for you. These foods are bad for your health, bad for your energy state, bad for your state of mind, and bad for your figure. They're bad for your career, bad for your sex life, bad for your digestion, bad for your blood chemistry, bad for your heart. I mean, they are harmful in every way.”

  4. Tekto sugar is not used for brain function, those who form fat from sugar, it must also be consumed somewhere in the body, and it has only two ways to do this, either immediately to the brain, that is, through the brain, or immediately to subcutaneous fat and to the toilet. Those who have it right in the brain or on the brain – those people of intellectual labor, and those who have it in subcutaneous fat, those people of physical labor, because their brain is small and many things are inaccessible to them from the mental section, well, simply inaccessible, and this is all precisely because their sugar goes not where it is necessary for the mind.

  5. For energy, the brain, like the whole body, needs glucose. �


    What is glucose? Everyone uses it, but few people can define it. This is a substance that the human body needs. People's health depends on the timely intake of glucose. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can supply energy to the body. But glucose is a substance that occupies the main place among those that are used for energy needs. Determination of glucose, also called dextrose, is a white or colorless powder that is odorless and has a sweet taste. Glucose is a substance that can be called a universal fuel for the human body. After all, most of the energy needs are covered just at its expense. It must be present in the blood at all times.

    In addition to sugar in its pure form or in sweet form, glucose can also be obtained from many foods that have sugar in their composition, such as honey or fruit.�

    Reducing the consumption of sugar in its pure form not only does not harm the brain, but on the contrary, it positively affects the entire body, metabolism, the state of internal organs, such as the liver, and also improves the appearance and skin.


  6. White sugar, of course, is very necessary for the brain.Nowadays, people's brains are overloaded with computers and businesses.Not much, because we get sugar from fruits, cookies.Excess is very harmful. We need a middle ground.You can afford one teaspoon per cup of tea or coffee.

  7. Why do they say that? Salt and sugar-white poison! The more we consume both salt and sugar with food, these substances have the property of being addictive! The excess is deposited in the kidneys and liver! And then they are converted into fat deposits! And we also move very little! Hypodynamia-leads to serious violations of the blood glucose balance!

  8. In a highly simplified form, it looks something like this. SUGAR, SALT, and BOILED WATER are specially created artificial DRUGS. With the help of which civilized humanity is driven into a coffin, ahead of time, about 30 years.

  9. sugar is found in many foods, so it is not necessary to consume pure sugar, but with a mental load it is necessary for the brain, but in moderation, of course, everything is good in moderation, so said Shakespeare, all things in moderation,,

  10. Yes, the brain needs glucose. But if the above calculation is compared with food intake with a normal (adequate) diet, it becomes clear that if the body is provided with all the necessary nutrients, the brain will receive an adequate portion of glucose. That is, adequate nutrition is adequate for all organs and tissues. And it makes no sense to additionally consume sugar “for better brain function”.

  11. Of course, it is necessary in a limited amount. It is necessary to listen to the body when using, it will give a hint and everything will be fine. Tested in practice.

  12. the brain needs glucose and not only the brain , but also the muscles . it is more useful to get glucose from fruits. how to determine how much glucose the muscles ate and how much the brain ate. the more mental and physical work a person does, the more glucose they need. after work, your blood glucose level drops.

  13. There is a norm of sugar for an adult for his brain-no more than 116.64 grams per day. People who don't consume sugar will still get glucose from fat and protein, and glycogen.

  14. Sugar is not only a white crystalline powder, a disaccharide called sucrose, which is hydrolyzed into two molecules, glucose and fructose. All plant foods are mostly made up of sugars, even wooden boards and sticks are mostly made up of sugar. Here the question is mainly about the best education in the world, why people who have received education do not understand basic things. Everyone eats plant-based food, which is the sugar they don't consume.

  15. I think. that the brain somehow needs sugar separately. although the sugars are also different. Refined sugar is the most harmful! And in the diet, especially, vegitarians have enough sugars-glucose and they do not suffer from its abundance. This is a contrived problem. Just need to learn how to eat right, properly and in sufficient quantities to drink water, imeno water, etc.For the brain, it is good to eat dark chocolate with 95% cocoa! With respect.

  16. I laughed with the question)))) It was necessary to study at least a little nutriciology))

    The brain runs on glucose

    Sources of glucose are not only sugar, but almost all carbohydrate products (cereals, bread, fruit, etc.)

    People who say that you need to eat sugar at least a little, otherwise the type of brain will not work well – uneducated and stupid philistines…

    I will tell you more, the brain can work on ketones-products of fat metabolism (food and/or subcutaneous), and even more efficiently and safely than on glucose

    Well, plus, as already mentioned above, there is gluconeogenesis – the process of producing glucose from proteins and fats

    In short, the body is not stupid, and without energy will never remain

  17. Truth. More than 30 percent of the diet. Sugar is synthesized from protein in the absence of it in food.

    We need to add something else to make the answer more complete?

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