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  1. Still yes
    Armenian radio explained that in the process of growing up, all the forgetful and absent-minded people with low IQ are lost on the road in forests or deserts. or they are eaten by predatory animals.
    And a little less intelligent, but attentive and collected survives and gives abundant offspring.

  2. You can't definitely answer that. Forgetful – no. More diffused, yes. And one more thing, the higher the iq level , the less a person is adapted to normal life. And very often ends his days under the supervision of doctors. They go crazy more than people with a small iq.

  3. Absent – minded, yes, forgetful, no. Concentration involves (in men) focusing on one thing and cutting off the rest, which gives the impression of absent-mindedness when you think about something

  4. Yes, it really is! IQ level is a person's ability to понимать understand! And you can understand only when you have the ability to identify patterns in processes, objects, society, etc. (that's why IQ tests are so strange :))) A person has two options for how the brain works : to understand more or to remember more. The more you remember , the less you think, the more you think, the less you remember, because there is no need to do this – you can always restore the logical chain, and the brain understands this, and with…ka does not bother itself. But such people remember the basics exactly-and are able to predict situations well and create new ones-they do it every day!�And if you rebuild your brain and try to understand more, then over time the brain will change its algorithms and eventually start thinking! So everything, as they say, is in our hands!!!

  5. No, this is absolutely not the case. IQ is an integral characteristic of the cognitive sphere, which includes a good memory, the ability to effectively solve problems and a good concentration of attention. So people with a high IQ are able to concentrate.�

    The idea that people with high IQs are forgetful and absent-minded comes from the stereotype of the “absent-minded professor”, who is so absorbed in research that he does not notice anything around him. Yes, people who are engaged in science may be scattered in everyday life, but, firstly,not always, and, secondly, there are many people with high IQs who are not fully involved in some absorbing occupation.

  6. No, that's not true. Not true, because it's not clear what IQ is. In fact, this is not an intelligence quotient, because it is not entirely clear what the concept of intelligence includes, and therefore it cannot be adequately measured. IQ tests determine something like the speed of decision-making or even the ability to solve a problem. Based on this, it is impossible to connect the abstract concept of intelligence quotient with forgetfulness and absent-mindedness.

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