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    1. Truth.

    2. Not true.

    The universe will not change forever into different forms. But it will always exist. However, as practice shows, it is Galaxies that always have a cycle of rebirth with the help of black holes and collisions with other Galaxies. It is certainly not eternal (because they lose mass every second), but it will last for hundreds of billions of years.

    1. No one can be reborn. But the likes of us, or simply other beings, will undoubtedly always appear and exist in the right conditions. And if you are lucky, and people can ride the speed of light, then even after the destruction of the universe, they can live on other planets and ships.
  1. Not the universe, but universes. The fact is that there are an infinite number of universes like our own, I repeat, infinite. Yes, some universes die, others are born. It's an endless process. And all the universes have life, all of them. The fact is that the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology are the same for all universes, regardless of its type. About your birth, I'll answer that: – You should not worry about your birth. The fact is that your copies (not even copies, but yourself, no matter how fantastic it may seem to you), currently scattered

    across the universes, an infinite number and these copies of you will not go anywhere. Moreover, they are of different ages. If you had a device on which you could fly around the universes (and there are an infinite number of them at this time), then you could meet, see yourself at the age from birth to a very old age.

    I firmly believe that somewhere in the far galaxy,

    On dusty paths, far from space trails,

    There is a planet similar to our own.,

    And the people on it are exactly like us.

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