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  1. You ask this question to Prokopenko on RENTV and he will explain everything. It's the same aliens who came to him and brought him a watch and various alien technologies.And I think everything is much more prosaic. This may well be some kind of decoration ( especially among the nobility).Or the stone carvers might have added something of their own.Remember the chroniclers of ancient times, who could easily make up or interpret any event in their own way. So only the witnesses of those times know the truth ,and we can only guess.

  2. And why not decide that he has a step tracker on his hand? He's got something on his arm. Maybe a bracelet, but to think that it is not worth it. It's just that people tend to see familiar things.

  3. For example, you can use images on reliefs to reconstruct furniture, clothing, weapons, and household items.
    However, the main purpose of such reliefs is probably the clock! Why not a compass?

  4. an ancient highly developed race engaged in breeding people on earth periodically exchanged elementary things like an eternal clock from a nuclear battery for beautiful concubines…

  5. Naturally not true! The watch was purchased or invented only in our era, that is, three centuries ago. I know the story about the Assyrians in parts, On the hand of that Assyrian, the decoration looks like a watch, but not the subject that the question is asked, which has an inadequacy.

  6. of course, it is true that the clock only appeared then and was slightly different from the modern ones, if you pay attention to the image presented to our eyes, you can clearly see that the king has a clock on both hands , on one hand it shows minutes, on the other a clock, and seconds show a watch that is on the hand of a nearby oponent. the correct time on their watch is 7 hours and 10 seconds.

  7. Today, the Allatra-TV channel released a landmark program about testing the world's first artificial consciousness named Jackie. At the 30th minute, Igor Mikhailovich again touched these devices on the hands of various tsars. This “clock” is the control panel for additional consciousness.

  8. Identified Seiko5 self-winding, this is the standard of performance and reliability. This watch is not a standard of brand accuracy, the daily deviation will be 20-40 seconds, and the design is not perfect from the point of view of aesthetics. Nevertheless, these watches were popular with the ancient Assyrian kings, they are surprisingly versatile and created for everyday wear.

    There were five basic requirements for the watch, and as a result, the model was named Seiko 5. These five requirements are listed below:

    — automatic winding

    – display the date and day of the week in one window

    – adequate water resistance

    — screw-on crown in the region of 4 hours

    – durable case and bracelet.

    Watches were not placed in the grave of the deceased ruler, usually the cauldrons were already tried on by the king's brother-in-law.

  9. This is not a watch, it is a symbol of belonging to EdRo… If you don't believe me, ask Volodin. Or Klintsevich, he also knows. As a last resort, Medvedev is the head of the party.

  10. It can be a watch (solar), and a compass, and a bracelet, and a royal symbol – anything. Because Sumer's civilization was one of the greatest. To this day, we still enjoy the fruits of its science, agriculture, medicine, astronomy, art, and even the calendar. And the Sumerian language has not yet been translated, although more than 3 thousand clay tablets with Sumerian texts have been found. However, Turkic philologists found more than 200 Turkic words in the Sumerian language, and proved their correctness with indisputable facts.

  11. This is an ordinary rosary made in the form of a bracelet.

    Don't look for something that wasn't there.

    Not so long ago, a device was found in the Crimea, which they tried to identify as a model of the solar system. At least that's what some British and Ukrainian “scientists”claimed.

    But there was some ancient grandfather who “shat them all raspberries”

    It turned out that this is an ordinary household device for peeling apples.

  12. I also think that if you want, you can interpret any image as it seems to us, familiar or convenient, but this will not necessarily coincide with reality.

  13. It's not a clock… There's an unusual shaped bracelet. Similarly, kryptoNLOhniki attract all sorts of pribabakhs from antiquity to alien visits by the ears. Now it's not the head, but the helmet of a modern cosmonaut, then a person is dressed in a modern spacesuit, or something else. But a healthy person understands that an alien spacesuit will necessarily be completely different compared to a modern one for a person. But UFO lovers pretend that they don't understand this and pull everything they can by the ears.

  14. The ancient Assyrians lived in a time of barbarism, that is, the structure of the entire world at that time was such. This structure does not even depend on the technologies that a particular society and nationality possessed. Barbarism is the structure of society itself.

    I doubt, of course, that it was a real watch, but I think I answered your question.

  15. and who thought of giving the buckle on the sleeve clasp the title of a mechanical watch?)))) and from what hangover did they suddenly decide that in the era of the Assyrian kings, time was measured in hours, minutes and seconds?))))

  16. So if you look closely at the images of ancient bas-reliefs from all over the world, you can find references to technologies very similar to those that exist today. This is the Mayan calendar and the image of rockets, helicopters, boats and much more.

    And if you recall the reports of modern scientists mentioning traces of machine processing on the pyramids of Egypt and South America, then the presence of a watch on the hand of the Assyrian king will not seem strange.

    Unfortunately, official history ignores the obvious evidence and evidence of the existence of a more advanced civilization on the planet before us.

    Fill in the search query “alternative history lab” – you will find a world of amazing discoveries )

  17. If there are horns and wings, then why not have a watch on your hand?

    There were many civilizations, and what level each of them reached may be known, sadly, not to us.

  18. A bespectacled security guard will say that the Assyrians communicated with extraterrestrials and wrote him a secret letter about it in Elamite in Sumerian cuneiform.
    Solovyov will say that this clock was built by the ancient Jews according to the drawings of Yahweh and presented to the king as a sign that he became a Jew.
    A normal person will say that the tsar had a very ordinary bracelet on his hand, that bracelets were then worn by both men and women, that even at the beginning of the last century there were no hand watches, but only pocket watches. A wrist watch-appeared in the German Empire during WW I and was produced for army officers.

  19. Perhaps this is a sundial, or a sign of belonging to the highest caste of rulers. It may also be a charm, or a precious offering from a subject, but not something special, clear.

  20. The bracelet is ordinary for sure. Or a sundial)

    What makes you think it's a watch? Only because of the pyramids, I guess…

    They are certainly mysterious, but it is undesirable to create myths around them

  21. Thank you for an interesting article. It contains historical facts and tells about the Assyrian king, who was distinguished by incredible cruelty . The Bible also contains information about this person. It describes the events that tell about the confrontation between the Assyrian and Israeli kings. History and archaeology confirm the authenticity of the Bible.

  22. That God would remember him ” Truth.I am and that's a Lot… I have loved,I Love, I will love.The Sun and the Other Exist,Love exists,”GOD” EXISTS.Thoughts are pure and Transparent.

  23. He stole them from his brother, so the brother, I don't remember his name, smacked his wife, who was also their own sister, all over the place. That's it, dear ones

  24. Of course, after all, time was invented by the Assyrians, they divided the year into 12 months, a month into a week, etc., the Assyrians were also great builders, the system of aqueducts built by the Assyrians, on the territory of Bogdad, (Iraq)ps. no wonder most of the clay tablets were exported to the USA, part of Great Britain

  25. The tsar has a strange “watch”. There are no arrows. In addition, the clock must have numbers, and the Assyrians used cuneiform to count, but there is nothing on this object that the clock has. And there are too many divisions. But there is a pattern that resembles flower petals. Did you notice the” women's purse ” in the hands of the tsar?

    Or are you talking about a different image? Well, there is also no clock. Those “clocks”have few divisions. Apparently the Assyrians didn't know how many hours there were in a day. And there are no arrows either. But on the neck of the tsar there is an “Iron Cross” – a Prussian and German military award. Joke.

  26. Look at this photo of an Assyrian.

    it doesn't bother you that this Assyrian has a “watch” on both hands – the Assyrians were well off at that time – they wore two “watches” each.

    And some of them even managed to put their watches on their elbows.

    Yes, and you need to be able to see it on the old sculpture “clock”.

    It's just a bracelet with jewelry and charms. And we automatically take them for the hell of it.

  27. Is it really a watch? Do they even have hour, minute, or even second hands? Or maybe it's something else? For example, a bracelet, a wristband, a bandage on a wound.

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