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  1. Yes and no. It's all in the details.

    In most betting groups, admins choose events that are most likely to occur (standard TB 1.5 or 0.5), but the odds for such events are scanty (from 1.15 to 1.35 on average). The bet has played out-satisfied schoolchildren are ready to pour money into “private” forecasts. You can see how the admins of these communities post cool statistics on minuscule coefficients.

    But often there is another situation. For example, the so-called reinforced concrete is unloaded, naive people immediately bet, but the bet does not pass and people lose their money. What do admins do? Admins after some time change the element code in the browser, change the coefficient and bet size, and, of course, write that the bet was played, make a screen and voila, everything is fine. Most subscribers will not check the accuracy of the information.

    The point of such groups is not to help you beat the BC, but to advertise your “private forecasts”: you see statistics, bet a couple of times, win, and you are offered to buy a “private” forecast for 3000 rubles with a coefficient of 3. Many people are engaged and bam, most often lose their money, and admins in any case are in the black. And yes, they always write about the disclaimer, because this is their assumption, not a promise.

    You can actually earn money by betting. Only the method in 2018 is difficult to work out. This is called forks or forking. You place your bets in such a way that you will win in any case. For example, there is an N:M match, in one BC you bet on “will N win or draw”, in the second BC “will M win or draw”, proportionally dividing the money according to the coefficient to stay in the win. What is the problem? And the problem lies in 2 aspects: 1) you need significant capital, because the average win for such a strategy is less than 10%; 2) BC is not stupid to sit and like to cut the odds so as not to fork, and also like to block especially successful accounts. Therefore, there are special programs that search for possible forks in matches, but these programs are paid.

    So in fact, you can earn a hell of a lot of money on betting, especially through these groups.

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