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  1. This is not a question that can have a rational answer. People give birth to children because of biological instinct. Therefore, childbirth contributes to the psychological comfort of many people. And for objective reasons, of course, it makes no sense to further increase the overpopulation of the planet. In my lifetime alone, it has grown by more than a billion people, and there are no more resources in the world.

  2. Everyone can decide for themselves, but you need to plan your children wisely. You need to be mentally, physically and financially ready to raise a new person, and you need to be an established person with firm rational views. You need to understand from the very beginning what you want to teach him, so that in the future you will not get a pig-like arrogant something. We already have more than enough of them.

  3. I do not agree with those who believe that children should be born only if there is a good base.�

    If the issue is about overpopulation, then it doesn't matter at all. So many wars and cataclysms, so many diseases, so many people are dying…

    My husband and I decided that we wanted children right after the wedding. At that time, we didn't even have a shared dorm room (we were registered in different ones), there was no equipment (only a kettle), and my parents were far away. There was a crisis in the country because of the coup, a war broke out. Prices were rising at the speed of light, we are state employees, and I also have to go on maternity leave. When the baby was born, we were completely unprepared for this. What we imagined turned out to be completely different. It was hard at first, but we managed and continue to achieve success together with our baby.�

    If a person has a family and brains, then children do not interfere at all. Children are a great source of happiness and motivation.�

    To give birth or not to give birth is a personal matter for everyone. But, if you asked me, I would answer that definitely give birth, because apartments, money, etc. may never be, and children are the best thing that can happen to two loving people)

  4. Let's start with the concept of “demographic transition”

    • Demographic transition — a historically rapid decline in the birth rate and death rate, resulting in the reproduction of the population is reduced to a simple replacement of generations. This process is part of the transition from a traditional society (characterized by high birth rates and high mortality) to an industrial one.

    So, these are the stages of demographic transition.

    • At the first stage, a smaller decrease in the birth rate is detected than a decrease in the death rate (R '(x)>S'(x)), therefore the natural growth rate is maximum (maximum growth). By 1925, the stage was passed by industrially developed countries.

    • In the second stage, the mortality rate decreases and reaches a minimum (S '(x)=0, (min)), while the birth rate decreases faster than the mortality rate (R ' (x)

    • In the third stage, the mortality rate increases (S (x) increases) (due to demographic aging), and the decline in the birth rate slows down (R'(x) decreases). By the end of the third stage, the birth rate is approximately equal to the level of simple reproduction, and the death rate is lower than the level of simple reproduction. (R(x) ≈ 2.1, S(x)

    • Finally, at the fourth stage, the mortality rate increases (S (x) increases), and becomes equal to the birth rate. (S(x)=R (x)) The process of demographic stabilization ends.

    Currently, developing countries are at 2-3 stages, developed countries have reached the 4th stage, while in many of them the death rate has exceeded the birth rate and there are negative indicators of natural population growth.

    So, to have children or not-it is only and only yours and no one (!) has the right to tell you in such a personal matter. But you should have children only if you have a strong fin.position, maturity, and self-confidence.

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