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  1. The answer to this question will vary greatly depending on your goals and financial capabilities, as well as personal qualities and chosen disciplines.

    I will write about my specific case. I took the Unified State Exam back in 2015 in physics and Prof. math. On May 9, Foxford opened access for a day to all your courses. Through the extension on Chrome, I downloaded everything that seemed important to me, and viewed it regularly for the rest of the month. (Now, if I'm not mistaken, administrators don't do this anymore 🙂 ) I got a similar impression (everything is subjective, of course):

    1. The course “Mathematics, part C” is quite useless (taught by B. V. Trushin). A large amount of time is spent by the teacher interacting with the chat, waiting. At the same time, an array of tasks is analyzed from the available collections, which already have a solution. It is more efficient to open the task yourself here on reshuege.ru, think for a while, then analyze the solution step-by-step if you couldn't master it yourself. By doing this, a person effectively adds to the treasury of experience and improves skills. If it doesn't work at all, then you need to start watching video tutorials, for example, from MIPT � toabitu.net,, figure out how to approach a particular task in general.

    2. Physics is better at Foxford (Zamyatnin led, much depends on the personality of the teacher), but, again, there are free alternatives on the sites listed above.

    3. Regarding motivation and training structure. The money invested in courses does not allow a person to procrastinate forever + the rating system, the class calendar do not allow the web to grow in the applicant's head – a positive feature of Foxford. Personally, I logged in to reshuege.ru,, I decided to pass the exam in the “pass the exam” mode, set my own points for S-shki according to the criteria, and then looked at the statistics and looked at where the indicators were sagging and where they were not. When a lot of options began to give an objective picture of problems and successes, I started specific tasks and solved them – I arranged competitions with myself. In my opinion, this is more interesting than sitting and sticking to books for a year.�

    If you have certain questions, you can always ask your friends or teachers in the VK thematic groups – they will help you, give you free advice.

    1. Yes, the courses are expensive, but it is better to buy using promotions, promo codes, and other charms that give discounts. The Foxford VK group regularly talks about such actions. As far as I know, they also hold the Olympics, for participation in which you can get a decent discount. In general, it is worth following.�

    P. S. the results of the exam-shki Physics, 100, math 84 (fucked up), Russian – 95.
    P. P. S. good, you need to start preparing quietly back in the summer after 10th grade and it was used to study the list of Olympiads from the Ministry of education, giving benefits, even if you are not too strong and not previously participated (Old th for the year 16-17). For example, the 1st level can give you automatic admission, the 2nd and 3rd 100 points in the subject (it all depends on the university and admission rules). A good option for techies was the Fiztech Olympiad. Tasks are acceptable, there are materials from previous years that you can prepare for, as well as tasks that do not go far into the steppe from the Unified State Exam-shnoy part of S. Good luck))

  2. Courses are usually prepared for a maximum of 85 points. As for the English language, it is likely even less, because now 40% of all exam scores are written and oral tasks. Here you must check and analyze each completed task by the teacher, track your progress, and an online course cannot provide such an opportunity. The same applies to other subjects where there is a part “Essay” – this is the Russian language, social studies.�

    The quality of classes at Foxford is quite high, it is quite possible to complete the course and get a fairly high score on the Unified State Exam. But if you need a score higher than 85, then you can't do without additional work. In some schools, teachers take their written assignments seriously: they check them against all parameters and give feedback. But I've seen this happen several times in my life, and it's usually a formal relationship. A school teacher must be an expert of the Unified State Exam, understand what criteria are used to evaluate each task, and why points are reduced. For example, an essay in the Unified State Exam in English is evaluated according to five parameters, and two of the oral parts are evaluated according to three parameters. The assessment system is quite complex, and an experienced teacher must be present.�

    You can take a course that will allow you to increase your vocabulary (and this is the most important thing in the Unified State Exam in foreign languages), improve grammar, improve listening skills, understand the strategy for completing various tasks, and then take a certain number of classes from a private teacher, with whom you can work out the written and oral parts, as well as identify gaps in knowledge. From experience, I can say that students often make mistakes in a number of grammatical constructions and do not always understand how to compare statements in listening. But still, the main mistakes are made in the oral and written parts, especially in the essay, where, unlike oral tasks, it is impossible to complete the task following the scheme.�

    Ask course administrators to watch at least one lesson for free before paying for the full course. You will immediately have an idea of how the lesson is going, whether the explanations are clear to you, how interactive these classes are, and how many tasks the students themselves perform. The lecture format is definitely not suitable for preparing for the Unified State Exam.

    When choosing a tutor, see if they can clearly explain how they evaluate written and oral assignments. If so, and they can give you a score for completed tasks and clearly explain what parameter the score was reduced for – this tutor is yours! You can work with private teachers in pairs, find a person with approximately the same level of knowledge and aspirations. Efficiency does not suffer from this, and the price for each will be less.�

    It's hard to say about the Olympics. If this is preparation for the Olympiad at the university where the Olympiad will be held, then it makes sense. Each university has its own format, the Olympiads are held in two stages, each stage is a separate story. The format of assignments in higher education institutions is constantly changing, and courses should take all this into account. Again, take a look at the training lesson and find the Olympiad tasks on the website. Do you understand the teacher's explanation? Does the teacher give strategic instructions for completing tasks? In Olympiads in humanitarian subjects, there is always a creative task. If your experience in writing essays, articles, and reports is not sufficient, it is better to take several consultations from a private teacher, write four or five papers, analyze errors, and work out weaker skills – some have literacy, others have problems with creativity, others do not fully understand the structure and necessary turns, and others do not know the style. And thus reach perfection.�

    Approach the process creatively and ask questions to the organizers and teachers about their knowledge and skills in evaluating USE assignments and Olympiad tasks.

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