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  1. My wife and I realized recently, while buying canned pineapples at the Metro store, that the poet Igor Severyanin was Kanye West of the Silver Age. Because he also wrote about chicks and cars, and how brilliant he is.

  2. On February 11, 2016, the new Yeezy collection was shown. On the same day, the LIGO project participants officially confirmed the existence of gravitational waves. A coincidence? Gravitational waves were recorded on September 14, 2015; it was then that the famous rapper announced the show of Yeezy Season 3.

    Now about the main thing: gravitational waves are ” gravity waves generated by the motion of gravitating bodies with variable acceleration, breaking away from the source of gravity and freely propagating in space, and leading to a change (perturbation) of the gravitational field in the surrounding space.” If you read the definition carefully, you'll realize that this is a reference to the recent Twitter scandal. It all started with the fact that West at the last moment decided to rename a new record from “Swish” (swish) in-attention! – “Waves”, which led to the Caliph's outrage. Need more proof?

    The model of gravitational waves involves two black holes. Black, Karl! This is exactly West and Khalifa.

    It follows that Kanye allowed scientists to tell the whole world about the theory that Einstein predicted a hundred years ago. It was through the intervention of higher forces that this theory remained unproven for a century. Now it's become a huge PR campaign by a man who calls himself Yeezus. Bam! Conspiracy theory, the Illuminati and the fashion industry all rolled into one. Does anyone else have doubts about Kanye's divinity?

  3. Oops, oops!�

    Kanye West is a rather specific and unconventional character in the history of modern music. This is a typical narcissist who loves himself to the point of losing his pulse. Confident that he is making “the best music in the world”. Absolutely straightforward and fearless in his statements. And often his statements and statements become an object of ridicule. But again, it is simply impossible not to recognize his talent as an artist, composer and producer.�

    I must admit that unlike other rap artists who are drawn out with the same sound, Kanye West “sounds” on each album completely differently. This again captivates the same critics, and the listener discovers the performer from the other side.

    He's incredibly talented at using samples from other songs to create his own. He is not limited to hip-hop: you can hear jazz, soul, blues, and rock in his music. As a musician, he is multi-faceted. He always presents his “product” very competently, “beautifully” and “deliciously”, which not every musician (especially a rap artist) manages to do.

    Of course, now he looks more like a clown than a God, because the Kardashian family, his fashion collections created as if for slaves, statements about running for president in the United States and the latest album “The Life Is Pablo”, in which the name and track list of the album changed so much that it is difficult to count…

    And yet, if we take into account his previous work, his influence on all music, whether it's hip-hop, R&B, pop or rock, then we can say that Kanye West is at least an icon of modern music.

  4. No, he's the president!

    But these lines do not carry any semantic load. I need to somehow collect the remaining one hundred and forty �characters!

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