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  1. Thank the music gods, on a chemical level, listening to music is not addictive(like the same drugs, or products like cheese or coffee), so it can't be included in the list of narcotic substances.

    If you need to constantly listen to music, you should pay more attention to the psychological aspect. Of course, “the song helps us to build and live,” but when a person tries to drown out their own thoughts or replace communication with real people with music, it is worth thinking about the reasons for this behavior. A timely request for help will make the circumstance “I forgot my headphones at home” not so terrible 🙂

  2. I wouldn't compare music to drugs. There is no harm to the body from music and a person can easily live without it. It is a pleasant addition to our everyday reality) I listen mainly to online radio, Record radio station. Good songs are played)

  3. For whom and how, music is a positive sound signal. In this case, all parts of the human brain work. If you pay attention to how people behave when listening to their favorite track, or when listening to tracks of their favorite artist. Then we can conclude that music is a weak nakotic. But in this case, a useful drug.

  4. It's not a drug. According to the WHO classification, a drug can only be a chemical agent that can cause stupor and insensitivity to pain. Also, music is not included in the UN lists.

  5. Technically, of course not. If we are talking about the fact that music can change a person's mood, evoke emotions, awaken memories, then such a metaphor may come to mind.

  6. For me, music is a real drug. I don't leave the house without headphones, and I always listen in the car. Personally, I don't think music lovers should seek psychological help. After all, your favorite songs raise your mood, help you focus or just relax. When I get tired of tracks, I come here https://muzbear.net/ and listen to something new.

  7. As my dad says, there are 3 drugs-Love, Speed and Music.
    Music is pure dope.
    You like to listen to it,it's running around in your head, and now you're addicted to a particular song.But music is a pleasant and useful drug)

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