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  1. Do we wear kimonos and eat with chopsticks?

    Is the dominant culture Buddhism, Shintoism, Hinduism or Confucianism?

    Do students study history with an emphasis on Ancient India and China?

    Are hieroglyphs the basis of our writing?

  2. However, to America. I have been living in the USA for 20 years. Americans are very offended if they are suspected of being close to Asia or Europe. It is a separate civilization, just like Russia. At the same time, for 20 years I have not found any differences between Russians and Americans in mental terms. Europe is disliked, and Asia is viewed with distrust. They prefer their own path in everything.

    And they don't bother with such questions.

  3. In the development of the religious, philosophical and socio – historical path of development of Russia, two opposite vectors have always been traced. On the one hand, this is Westernism, on the other hand – Slavophilism. The division took place around the middle of the 15th century, when Constantinople fell and the Russian Orthodox Church declared itself a follower of the traditions of Constantinople, declaring Moscow the Third Rome. Contradictions in the public consciousness on which way to develop became more acute with the reforms of Peter the Great, when the traditional way of life was partially changed by the Western one. With the construction of St. Petersburg, and the proclamation of its capital of Russia.., then the slogan ” The Fourth Rome will not happen! “In the 19th century, disputes did not stop. Adherents of Slavophilism were, for example, Aksakov and Khomyakov, Westernism-Botkin and Turgenev. In my opinion, this historical confrontation itself made our culture even more colorful and original, and its study becomes fascinating.

  4. Strange question! Russia!!! Do you even know what you're asking??? To whom the Bear is closer to a raccoon or squirrel😂 not to whom, not when, not under any circumstances!!! No match for this Beautiful, Smart, Brave Girl!!! And truly the largest country! About the capture, I'll smile a little!!! This machine has spent its entire adult life taking out other dwarfs and freaks!! On your mighty back!! Who is allowed to be a friend? This Beauty! This is true…and considering the multinational brothers, smaller but not losing their greatness…in general, laughter in the hall!!! Russia will still show its Greatness!!! I advise you to be careful in the wording! With respect.

  5. I liked the other answers to this question. I'll add a little bit of my thoughts.

    It seems to me that we are neither a Western nor an Asian country. In terms of the type of culture, we differ from both, given that Asia is not as homogeneous as Europe, and Europe is polarized on a number of cultural scales.

    If we really relate, then we are most likely a northern country. Not east or west, but north has a direct influence on us. The peculiarities of the climate and landscape require a special culture, which we represent. Hence the impossibility of choosing between Europe and Asia, we find similar features, but we can not associate ourselves with either of them.

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