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  1. Of course! Moreover, the art of the future and science will be closely linked.
    But today it is enough to look at the grace and beauty of creatures and phenomena created by nature. But all this beauty is studied by science!

  2. Thank you for bringing up this topic that got me thinking.

    To answer this question, I would like to use the following method: swap art and science. It would look something like this: is art a science? The answer to this question may change your point of view.

    The main problem is that people can't judge some things literally and based on concrete facts. A better understanding of who a spiritual person is can be found in the following example:: someone who is proficient in business is called a business person, and someone who values the spiritual highly is called a spiritual person. This is well recorded in the Holy Scriptures: “But a spiritual person can appreciate everything…”

    (2 Corinthians 1: 15). Therefore, we can conclude that the better a person's spirituality, the easier it is to find answers to their questions.

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