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  1. No, the correlation between intelligence and the “number of convolutions” was refuted. Mostly due to the study of the brains of scientists who bequeathed their precious organ to science, such studies did not reveal anatomical differences in their brains – with the brain of an ordinary individual. Plus, you need to take into account the simple fact that the gyrus is formed during uterine development, in order to make the brain more compact, the skull is already too impressive and its size cannot be even larger – the risk of problems during childbirth will become even higher, although it is already available. In anatomy, when we study the brain, we also study all its convolutions as a constant, and not as something that constantly changes from one person to another. And the prerequisites for the prevalence of this myth were offensive phrases like “Yes, you only have one gyrus and you don't use that one” and so on.

  2. It is believed that the number of convolutions of the brain refers to the number of embodiments of the Ego. At the same time, it should be taken into account that incarnations can be regressive, or empty pages of the Book of Life.

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