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  1. Eva, here's Marshak and Shakespeare-you seem to rhyme with them!

    (By the way, you remember, cherry, the author is still there and addressed to a man, so-and-so))

    A slightly broader context… Not only about Russia, not only about the last 20 years.

    With the English people, it seems, in the end, everything is plus or minus.

    Sonnet 66

    I call death. I can't wait to see you

    Dignity that asks for alms,

    A sneering lie about simplicity,

    A nonentity in a luxurious garb,

    And perfection is a false verdict,

    And her virginity, violated rudely,

    And misplaced honor shame,

    And power is held captive by toothless infirmity,

    And straightforwardness, which is considered stupid,

    And stupidity in the mask of a wise man, a prophet,

    And inspiration clenched mouth,

    And righteousness in the service of vice.

    Everything I see around me is disgusting…

    But how can I leave you, my dear friend?

  2. If the answer is monosyllabic, then NO, of course it does not degrade.

    First, we need to understand by what criteria we judge this? If the level of drunkenness, prostitution, alcohol-this is one thing. If by the number of millionaires – then the second. If the quality of education and medicine is third, etc. (for example, I would generally enter other metrics than these).

    Secondly: on what time horizon do we measure? For the history of our time with you is zilch. Moment. But subjectively, we cannot cover a period wider than our adult conscious life. And we see only a short fragment of the slow history.

    Personally, I believe that now is another “troubled” time when reactionary forces in society, which control all important provincial, political and economic institutions, impose their agenda on everyone else. Because this agenda is not strategic, is not connected with the future of our country and us, most people lose their incentives to do something and create. But it seems to us that this is degradation. This is about the same as the biggest problem for doctors and teachers — emotional burnout (which is why some people calmly look at the pain, while others humiliate your children and falsify elections at the polling stations).

    The second resource of “degradation” is fear. We are afraid of everything. But this is also not congenital, but acquired, and it is quite easily and quickly treated and restored.

    So I personally don't believe in degradation, but rather in incentives.

  3. The people began to degrade from the moment when the restoration of capitalism took place in our country, 30 years ago – isn't it a strange coincidence?

    Or there may be a pattern. After all, in other “developed” countries of Europe and the United States, the degradation of the people is in full swing: here you will find the legalization of drugs, the recognition of cohabitation of homosexuals as marriage, juvenile terror against the family, tolerance brought to the point of absurdity. All this degradation of society is accompanied by an increase in capitalist plunder of the working people. Robbery also affects other segments of the population: the small bourgeoisie, medium and even large businesses that are not part of the leading oligarchic structures. No wonder the old lady of Europe is dying out, and feverish attempts are being made to replace the aging population with migrants.

    The very degradation of society is beneficial to the ruling elite, such people are easier to manage. The state apparatus serves the richest and most influential part of the ruling class – the oligarchy. He will do everything possible to constantly enrich his owners. Therefore, capitalist plunder will increase from year to year. However, this cannot continue forever, and the contradictions between labor and capital are growing. And the preaching of social peace and partnership no longer helps, because it becomes obvious to everyone that this is a one – sided game. People go out to protest, workers go on strike.

    And in order to retain power, the dying class demands that the authorities everywhere move to an open dictatorship-fascism. We, together with you, are witnessing this process. The happiness of the authorities lies in the unconsciousness of citizens, their credulity, and primitive thinking. Education plays one of the most significant roles in the suppression of rights and freedoms. The budget used to finance educational institutions should be considered as a thieves ' common fund of the oligarchy, which it uses as its own pocket. Imagine the heavy mood in which the ruling elite are forced to give up a fat piece of the pie and spend it on education. Therefore, the education system will serve exclusively the interests of the oligarchic capital. The school does not teach anything useful, imitating the process of education itself, it replaces the meaning of study with some educational nonsense, and the content of disciplines is emasculated.

    Society is primitivizing in all directions. Because the ruling elite adopt the most reactionary ideas. Religious obscurantism is being imposed. Flirting with nationalists and promoting chauvinism. The destruction of authentic culture and art, replacing them with simulacra and moronic shows. Today we see chimerical conglomerates of capitalism with feudal orders and even elements of slavery. This is not an accident. Only the path to the archaic is salvation for the ruling class.

    And so it will be as long as the state works in the interests of an insignificant minority. And no amount of changing bourgeois governments or playing false democracy will change the situation. Only a complete change of power and the inhuman ideology of profit, the rejection of the ultra-liberal course, monetarism in the economy will help humanity to get out of the historical impasse. This path is socialism, with the establishment of Soviet power.

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