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  1. There is one hundred percent way, but it is illegal, and you will stay awake not only the next day , but most likely the next night you will not be able to sleep either.

  2. The council does not claim to be universal, but mate helps me personally. If you drink it instead of coffee during the period when you need to stay awake (for example, evening-night), then the next day there is really minimal discomfort, unlike the state after so many cups of coffee.

  3. With some reservations, it exists. This is a polyphasic dream. In a six-phase dream, for example, you can sleep just two hours a day and feel great the rest of the time. The catch is that you will have to radically restructure your sleep mode, because from the name of the method it is clear that you will have to sleep more than once. In addition, these” doses ” of sleep should be distributed equally (i.e., maintain the same interval between them). I advise you to read the Wikipedia article, which explains this in more detail.

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