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  1. The fact that a person will not cease to exist after death is spoken by God through His word-the Bible. Here's what it says::

    “it is appointed for men to die once, and then judgment” (Hebrews 9:27)

    After the death of a person, the judgment of God awaits, so that everyone will receive according to what the person did while living in the body – good or bad. This is not just a theory of religion, it is the words of God that He left for man.

    I will answer you with an example from my life: I was born into a Christian family, when I was 7 months old, my mother had a massive stroke, she was unconscious for 17 days; the doctors said that she would not live. When they took the puncture, there was blood, instead of the fluid that should be there. But God gave my mother healing, she has been living after a stroke for almost 34 years.

    The next challenge in our family was the death of my father. He was the only breadwinner in the family, and I also had two sisters who were a few years older than me. Very difficult years came for my mother and grandmother, they had to somehow support us on small means. But God has not forsaken us in this either: It won the hearts of people, and they came and just put bags of things and groceries under our door, we still don't know who these people are. Gradually, everything in material terms improved.

    The next problem for my family was when I was growing up and I was drawn to the street: smoking, drinking, night parties, I won't list them all. I became very tough, rude, proud, did not accept the good advice of my family, and I think that only through the prayers of my mother and grandmother I have survived to this day. My unholy life lasted for a long time, but my relatives often reminded me that my life could end at any moment, and beyond the threshold of life is not just emptiness and non-existence, there is eternity (i.e., the end of the world).e. there is no end to this), which a person will spend either with God in infinite joy, or with the one to whom a person obeyed during life, doing all sorts of sins – with the devil in the lake of fire. So God knocked on my heart through the admonitions of my mother and grandmother.

    Once I thought about these words, and began to look at the testimonies of people who had experienced supernatural things in their lives: someone God raised from the dead and returned to earth; someone God healed from incurable diseases (like my mother); someone God freed from terrible addictions. These testimonies penetrated my heart, and I began to understand that God could help me free myself as well. I realized that I shared my sins with God, and He wanted to forgive me. And to do this, you need to ask Him for forgiveness. I asked God for forgiveness for my sins, and He helped me to completely leave that sinful way of life, and I began to live in a new way. And this confirms that It really exists, because I tried to throw a lot of things more than once, but I came back again. And in the Bible it is written that man himself cannot be freed from his sins, but God can free him. But to do this, you need to ask Him for help.

    I also started reading the Bible. When God has helped me and helps me, it strengthens my faith in His word-the Bible, because what is written in it is confirmed in my life. And since it says that a person is waiting for the judgment of God, then I believe in this. Here's what else it says about what happens to a person after death::

    Ecclesiastes 12: 7 ” and the dust shall return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return to God who gave it.”

    Our body rots and turns to dust, and the spirit returns to God on earth.

    I advise you to use my example of what God has made changes in my life: testimonies (links are given below), the Bible, it is advisable to start reading it from the New Testament, it has answers to all vital questions of a person. God Himself will give you the best answer to your question if you sincerely turn to Him in prayer and ask Him to point out the truth to you. May God bless you, as well as all people!

    Pyotr Gaidich-healing from a terrible and incurable kidney disease

    Sergey Enichev is a former drug addict, and now the head of several rehabilitation centers for people who were in similar problems like him.

    Viktor Reznikov-being a businessman was ordered and killed, but God brought him back to life.

    Andrey Berglezov-died after a major accident, but God raised him up. He lives without some internal organs, and doctors wonder how he can live, but everything is possible to God.

  2. On the contrary, consciousness only turns on. It flows into the flow of psychic energy of all deceased people and begins to participate in the process of creativity and creation. In particular, it helps to create a healthy and biologically living environment for living people, and responds with help to their requests. And to itself requires only respect, worship and gratitude.

  3. There is a great example from life. It will be exactly the same as before you were born, right one to one, too. This is the most logical and most understandable definition of what will happen to you when you die, remember this state(no one will succeed) and accept it)

  4. It is impossible to give an exact answer. Whatever those who believe in something say, it is only faith. You either believe it or you don't. And what happens after death is the eternal mystery of humanity.

  5. I have no idea, and I don't want to know, our day will come there we will see, live life to the fullest and enjoy life, do not go into the Gothic! Thanks for your attention!

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