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  1. Generally speaking, any religion is a reflection on death that does not cause negative emotions )

    The ability to think about something without experiencing negative emotions and the desire to do so is simply the ability of a developed intellect or stable psyche. You are able to calmly think about the fact that the door can pinch your finger, and do not rush to do it? In the same way, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Montaigne, or Camus were able to think about death and even write about it in great detail…

  2. Prolonged depression is characterized by apathy. This is very typical if the most “global and radical” does not cause strong emotions. This state can be” achieved ” personally. And you can drive the whole country into such a depression, when “radioactive ash” from all the screens of zomboyashchikov, the prospects of wars throughout Africa, that the Russian will pay for both rubles and blood, and the already legitimate robbery and “landing” of enemies of the people both individually and by entire organizations – do not cause a sharp reaction from the broad public masses. After all, we are talking about the same suicide, in fact. Глобальном Global, simple.

  3. Suicidal ideation. It is possible at any age. It can even occur without any depression, just a person realizes that he has another choice – to stop living or continue living. And the thought “what if”appears. But if, in addition to ideation, there is an internal agreement with the idea of suicide , then this is either stress, or the beginning of depression, or full-fledged depression (possibly hidden). And as for emotions, I don't know you – maybe you are generally a low-emotional person. Such questions should be asked to a psychologist or psychotherapist. By the way, the test for the severity of suicide risk – you can check, compiled by scientists at Columbia University in the USA – http://www.psi-test.ru/control/suicide.html. Only there flash player should be enabled on the page, if by default it is not necessary.

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