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  1. The existence of a world independent of you is given to you in sensations. You will read this answer from the screen of an electronic device, and even if you want to, you will not be able to force me to materialize in front of you and personally voice it. And if they could, the question would not arise.

  2. Although the very idea of such a thing lies in the realm of ideas, this does not deny that there is an independent world of phenomena and objects. Think logically. It's just that our consciousness reflects the real world. This alone does not make this real world independent.

  3. I have been in different situations, this is a question of relationships in the situation of hierarchy and environment, God pursues many different goals here, as it seems to our eyes, and does not owe us anything, at the same time he is honest and impartial, rewarding everyone with well-deserved fruits

  4. There is no independent world of phenomena and objects.

    Everything in this world is interconnected and interdependent.

    This is easy to see – you can influence the world.

    You are part of this world.

    This world is a part of you – you perceive it as such.

    It is you who perceive, but he is not like that.

    The repetition of the experience of perception of the same familiar objects and phenomena indicates only a superficial perception. If you take a closer look, you will find that the phenomena never repeat themselves. They are similar, but different. The same applies to objects. They change. This is if we are talking about reality, not ideas. About the real world.

  5. Unfortunately, the repeatability of the experiment does not prove anything. Descartes gave the main proof of the existence of the world, may he rest in peace. Cogito, ergo, sum, to put it simply. The translation is not so beautiful, but it is also clear – the only proof of the existence of a different universe, different from the subject that perceives it, is the presence of this subject that perceives the world, expressed in the qualia of direct perception of the above-mentioned subject. And whether this world is material is the second question. Between you and me, philosophers, the question is rather silly. What matter, what idea? None of this exists in the universe. Both matter and idea were invented by man in ancient Greece. There is a world, and to attribute to it all sorts of magical properties like matter or ideas is inherent only in a person, and then only in order not to go mad. The world exists, it is infinitely complex and infinitely simple, but man is infinitely sad in mind, if, of course, compared with what he is trying to form a concept of. In this sense, there is no doubt that the world as it appears to a person is completely invented by him and has nothing in common with the original. Or almost nothing. But it doesn't matter. It is important that the world exists and there is only one proof of this.

  6. The idea, of course, is itself in the realm of ideas. And the sphere of ideas is the material processes in the human brain)
    Of course, everything we deal with is mental. Only because not everything mental is subject to our will, and because our will itself is subject, for example, to desires and emotions, can we guess that the mental case is not biased.

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