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  1. There is anti-scientism – this is a philosophical and ideological position that denies science the right to absolute representation of truth and judgment over other cultural institutions, distinguishing between the scientific method (actually scientific research) and science as a special scientific ideology. Anti-scientists included Russian existentialist philosophers (N. A. Berdyaev, L. A. Shestov), as well as representatives of the philosophy of life (F. Nietzsche), and some representatives of the philosophy of postpositivism (P. Feyerabend). As such, there is currently no ideology that denies science. And anti-scientism does not deny science either as a method or as an institution of culture, it denies the right of science to exercise a monopoly on truth.

    If you are interested, the closest artistic text to your description was given by the Christian thinker C. S. Lewis in the dystopia “Abominable Power”, where the” power of science ” is described in the most disgusting way. Actually, this is not a novel, but rather a philosophical reflection on the nature of science and religion, given in an artistic form. I also advise you to read P.'s book. Feyerabend's “Against the Method”, this book is devoted to the history of European science, it consistently debunks the myth of the conflict-free progressive development of science (his science develops within the framework of a tough, sometimes personal confrontation of scientific schools, while the change of scientific paradigms often occurs not due to accurate empirical observations, but due to special scientific intuition).

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