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  1. In this game, to add up not 2048, but 8192, you need to connect logic. In this game, you teach yourself to move from mindlessly coitus of identical blocks to foresee a few moves ahead. Here it is much easier to learn to calculate moves than in the same chess, where you need to anticipate the opponent's strategy more quickly, and there are more cells on the board.

    This miscalculation of moves is very good at training concentration and short-term memory, since the deceptive simplicity of the game wants to lead to a mindless fast pace, and thoughtful miscalculation requires constantly keeping a dozen moves in mind.

  2. If you play on your phone with a touchpad, you develop fine motor skills. Plus anti-stress. If desired, the game can be perceived as a kind of meditative technique. Numbers of a geometric sequence with the denominator of the progression 2 and the first term 2 are well remembered – I don't know, however, who might need it.

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