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  1. First of all, it is worth saying that we see order and regularities not everywhere, but only on the surface of our planet. If we try to look at the larger picture and look out into space at the myriad cubic parsecs of almost complete emptiness, then our confidence in the presence of some global plan in the universe may be shaken. In addition, patterns do not always indicate the presence of a plan. They can even be found in the spectrum of sunlight, the distribution of magnetic fields, or the configuration of snowflakes.

  2. This is the problem of our brain, to see order and regularity in everything. That's how the neural system works. In fact, the pattern is not everywhere. Otherwise, computers would predict the future.

  3. Dialectic of the random and natural. In nature, even random processes are NATURAL, in the sense that they cannot contradict the LAWS of NATURE. And the laws of nature are a direct consequence of the structure of matter, at different levels of its organization.

    The search for a GOAL, the presence of a reasonable plan is a feature of the human (and not only) mind. We are successful as intelligent beings, because the evolution of our species is associated with a high level of intelligence, and, therefore, with a high ability to find causal relationships in the world around us and society. And this is the greatest virtue of our mind-it traps us… The quality of our own thinking – we try to transfer it to inanimate nature. We are trying to search (and find!!!) goals and plans where they don't exist, and can't be!

    And we take the simple EXPEDIENCY that arises in the course of the self – organization of matter and its general evolution as a REASONABLE PLAN! This is called the TELEOLOGICAL ERROR OF REASON.

    “The tendency to teleological errors can be considered a byproduct of the evolution of human mental abilities. The human mind has been adapted by natural selection to purposeful behavior. Our psychology is so well adapted to achieving the desired result that we naturally see goals and purpose where they do not exist. Our purposeful management of mental constructs allows us to come up with a large number of solutions to any problem without significant time investment, as well as to assess the risk of consequences of these alternative solutions. This quality gives our species a distinct advantage over other life forms. We use it whenever and wherever, from cleaning the room to planning military strategy. The problem, as William James pointed out, is that we are so caught up in this mental process that it determines our perception of reality, or in most cases interferes with that perception. Because of this blindness in perception, many people do not understand that such a complex structure as the human brain, and such a subtle and wonderful system as the human psyche, could have been created as a result of repeated natural selection, without any plans or goals. “

    J. Palmer

  4. So this is how the mind works: it analyzes, lays out the rules and rules, concludes and plans based on the data and conditions provided to it.

    The world is something pre-given, formless, purposeless, chaos, before and beyond the appearance of the evaluating and goal-setting subject, which imposes its own values, standards, and connections on it. Giving it shape and meaning.

  5. It's not this question that surprises me. And the fact that people who deny the rational origin of life, who deny meaning and regularity, nevertheless for some reason continue to work, live, and build relationships, plans. After all, there is no point in judging by their thoughts. Claiming senselessness, however, they are in no hurry to pass away. Denying life after death, they adhere to some laws and rules. After all, if there is nothing later, there is no point, then why are such people needed at all? Why live?
    However, the very existence of a person, in spite of everything, indicates at least some higher purpose and meaning in such a being. It is embedded in the hearts. Everyone feels the desire to live and do something. Even animals are not born and live senselessly. And they resist death in every possible way.
    However, I will answer from the standpoint of Christianity. Life has meaning only if it is eternal. When it has no time and no ending. Then a person is able to set and complete any goal. In addition, his case will not disappear and will not be forgotten. There's plenty of time for everything.
    This is exactly what the Christian teaching is about. How to get eternal life and thus live with meaning.

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