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  1. Materialization is absolutely real. The main thing is to understand the principle. Materialization is not when something appears out of thin air. Otherwise, there would be fake money and cars with no serial numbers. The materialization of your thought is the process when the material becomes yours. And before that, it belonged to someone else. The principle, process and how to materialize a dream are described in great detail, with evidence, facts and an example, in the book The Secret Room Method. Materialization of thoughts.

  2. But still, using my own example, I can't convince myself that I can cope with a cold without medication: either my faith is not strong enough, or I just don't support this theory) Decision – making-yes, I convince, make an algorithm for myself, how I will act, how I will feel, and how I should react, and calculate the options for the development of events. As for the Galton experiment, I believe that a person simply focuses on details and sensations, changes their behavior patterns, selects and demonstrates nonverbal gestures in the “right” direction, which will naturally change the perception and attitude of others. It is also reasonable to consider the level of awareness and suggestibility inherent in the individual.

  3. Yes, there is. Psychologists have been doing this and are doing it. For example, one well-known psychologist F.Galton decided on a peculiar experiment. Before setting out on his daily walk through the streets of London, he told himself:: “I am a disgusting man who is hated by everyone in England!” After concentrating on this thought for a few minutes, which was tantamount to self-hypnosis, he went for his usual walk.

    However, it only seemed like everything was going as usual. What actually happened was the following. At every turn, Francis caught the scornful and disgusted glances of passers-by. Many people turned away from him, and several times he was harshly insulted. At the port, one of the longshoremen, as Galton passed him, elbowed the scientist so hard that he fell into the mud. It seemed that the hostility was transmitted even to the animals. As he passed a harnessed stallion, the man kicked the scientist in the thigh, knocking him to the ground again. Galton tried to evoke sympathy from witnesses, but to his surprise, he heard that people began to protect the animal.

    Galton hurried home, not waiting for his thought experiment to lead to more serious consequences.

    This reliable story is described in many psychology textbooks. Two important conclusions can be drawn from it:

    1. A person is what they think they are.

    2. There is no need to tell others about your self-esteem and state of mind. They'll feel it anyway.

    And one more fact:

    In the 1950s, an English cargo ship carrying bottles of madeira from Portugal arrived at its destination port in Scotland. One of the sailors went into the cold cargo bay to check if all the bottles were shipped. Without knowing anything about it, the other sailor locked the door from the outside. The prisoner pounded on the bulkheads with all his might, but no one heard him, and the ship sailed back to Portugal.

    The sailor found enough food in the room, but he knew that he would not live long in the low temperature. He grabbed a piece of metal and used all his energy to scrawl the story of his godmother's torment out of the bulkheads, hour after hour, day after day. He described his agony with scientific precision. The way the cold clung to his body, freezing his nose, fingers, and toes. How unbearable are the burns of icy air.

    When the ship dropped anchor in Lisbon, the captain opened the compartment and found the dead sailor. People read his story scratched on the walls. But that wasn't the most amazing thing. The captain measured the temperature of the air inside the compartment. The thermometer read 19 degrees. Since the ship was going back without goods, the cooling system was not turned on. A man died just because he thought he was cold. He was a victim of his imagination.

  4. Is there any scientific evidence that thoughts are material? Which scientists did this?

    Yes, there is! The first thing you need to know is that thought comes with action. That is, you have created an idea, and all that is necessary for its implementation is your actions. If you look at the whole, whole states are built on this, and on the basis of this vision, you can build a chain of relationships in which obsession, understanding, adaptation, ambition, superiority, and the like can be traced. If you have conceived a thought and are inactive, how can it be realized?

    The second characteristic aspect of material thoughts is mysticism. In my case, it was during school days, I was skipping school and my parents found out about it. I knew that they would spank me with an army belt very hard. I prayed to myself that a person I knew would come to me on the condition that he would persuade my parents not to beat me. He arrived 30 minutes later. And I wasn't beaten! Many of you have felt that you were lucky and lucky, but when you wished for it, you were unlucky. That is, there is someone/something besides you who creates the thought, that is, you observe it. Maybe God? maybe a shower or perfume? my answer is neither. This technology is very ancient. She was called Shiva, the God Ra, the soul, the devil. But this is just a living attitude of a person. You understand that a person's gaze brings inanimate objects to life, and therefore I say a living attitude.. In short, it is a technology-artificial intelligence. Knowing this, mysticism ceases to be so secret. This is the technology in each of us. This technology is subordinate to the operator. This means that the technology has its own owners. Its weight is 21 grams. Its shell is similar to the pixels of an LCD display, only round and very small(nanites). Hot god soul is a kind of computer, but it is not very smart and quick-witted. I want to say that a person is much smarter and more capable than any artificial intelligence. What is this technology used for? What it's good for. Ranging from manipulation, information gathering to slavery and weapons. It turns out that the operator knows everything about each person. All the secrets of the world community. This technology is called Gold. A man is a mystery, a man is a fog-although he is not a man. This is the Genie of modern society, the devil, God – that's just not what the society of believers paints. Yes, he is also Christ who took upon himself all the sins. Do you know why? This technology needs to adapt(that is, hide) to a person and therefore it allows mistakes due to its shell features. We're all asleep. But you just need to understand what is the cause of it!

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