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  1. Sleep is a process in which the brain processes events either from the past day or events of various ages that have made an impression on a person. The death of loved ones is just such an event.

  2. Do you confuse mysticism and science, believe in the supernatural, and expect that there is real evidence for this??? Hardly.

    It's quite simple – you worry about your relatives, and your fears materialize in a dream, in fact in the form of nightmares. I also had a time when I dreamed about things like this-everyone is still safe and sound. I don't believe in prophetic dreams. This is all bullshit, in the spirit of our “Psychic Battles” for gullible people who earn money literally out of thin air.

    Just because something similar to your dream happened in real life doesn't prove anything. Either it's just a coincidence (there are an unimaginable number of possible combinations of events in the world, coincidences are inevitable), or there is such a thing as intuition. Again, no mysticism: intuition is part of your critical thinking, based on experience and innate instincts. Just because you don't always understand this phenomenon doesn't mean it's unusual. Simply put, you are worried about a person because you think they are in some kind of danger. And if something happens to him (God forbid), it only proves the adequacy of your fears.�

    During sleep, the brain works God forbid, processing the information accumulated recently. In dreams, you also think, and this is expressed in dreams. There is nothing sacred about it. There is a point of view that sleep is your personal natural psychotherapist, so people often have nightmares – you experience unpleasant moments in a dream and, thus, it is easier to cope with fears. Therefore, if you shoot dead people, then this is quite normal, it only says that you are worried about this.

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