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  1. The word “creation” – by its very root means-that which is created. By the very definition of the term, a creation always has a creator, as the creator's creation.

    Further, the cosmological argument does not look quite like this. First, the universe and everything in it are called “objects”. Secondly, we find that objects that are in the universe (like the universe itself) have a beginning of their existence.

    If an object has started to exist, then this object must inevitably have an external cause. Without a reason – it is impossible for something to appear that did not exist before.

    Thus, since the universe has a beginning , the universe must have an external cause.

    Unless you consider the creator of any objects the whole of nature as a whole. But then God should be understood as the entire nature of the universe as a whole.

    All of nature (the universe) as a whole-cannot be the ultimate cause for objects, because nature itself has a beginning. Even physicists and mathematicians have already come to the conclusion that space, time, and matter all appeared simultaneously.

    Now, as to why God is not required to have an external cause:

    Because God has no beginning in His Being. It exists always, and can always be Its Own cause. That is why God is called Being-existing out of Himself.

  2. The matter becomes clearer if we take into account that theses and arguments that were previously called “proofs of the existence of God” in very serious sources (Roman Catholic, and after them our own), are now called “arguments in favor of…” in Orthodox apologetics, and are not mentioned at all in Orthodox theology.

    Why? Has theology changed? “Not at all. The concept of what a proof is has changed ( for the better). Thanks to the exact sciences!

  3. Unconvincing. But it makes sense. With such success, we can say that God was created.. the people themselves. Why not. People talk about it . People write the book. Who builds temples? Also people.

    It is also denied and scolded by such people.

    The answer to your questionsb is that people created God. Doesn't that sound pretty lame? For a start, this is enough for you)

  4. In my opinion, this proof is convincing. An argument in favor of creating/I consider the Creator to be a reasonable (meaningful) expediency or orderliness, which is present in all the elements of the universe – in their internal structure and external purpose. From the point of view of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, such an order is possible only as a result of external influence, it is this postulate that requires recognizing all elements of the universe as “creatures”.

    At first glance, the source of such a reasonable external influence can be considered nature as a whole, but then nature itself as a” creator ” is more meaningful and ordered than its individual elements, which is absurd. A creator cannot consist of his own creations.

    On the contrary, we can apply the same 2nd law of thermodynamics to the whole of nature, as well as to its individual elements, and ask ourselves who is the source of the external influence that gives nature order. The answer to this question is God, that is, Someone who is not part of nature (creation).

  5. Yes, but only in relation to our reality. And the Creator is not specifically “stars, planets, oceans, animals, plants, people” But the Creator of the laws that create stars, planets, oceans, animals, plants and people.

    The fulfillment of the laws (the Word of God) gives all this existence.

    In the Bible, these Laws are called Logos, and in the Russian translation the Word (fulfilled Word).

    1 So is my word that goes out of my mouth; it does not return to me in vain, but does what pleases me, and does what I sent it to do.

    Isaiah 55 – The Bible: https://bible.by/syn/23/55/#11

    3 All things were made through him (the Word, the Logos), and without him nothing was made that was made Gen.

    John 1 Chapter-The Bible: https://bible.by/syn/43/1/#3

  6. More than convincing.

    This is the so-called information theory. A well-known theory. One of its supporters was Hocking. I am also a proponent of this theory.

    The theory is relatively new. Its essence is as follows.

    Information can be lost or destroyed. But the information can't appear out of nowhere. It should be formed and obtained as a result of (long-term) interaction of some elementary acts.

    In other words, nothing can be created by exploding or destroying what is already there.

    Therefore, information is a necessary primary link for building any system.

    Or, as the Bible says: “In the beginning was the WORD!!!

    That is, in the beginning there was GOD!!!

    And there was the original plan of creation. and already according to this plan, our Solar system was created.

  7. This proof is quite convincing. All processes in the universe occur a priori. First the mathematical calculation , then the process. Science does not find chaos in the universe. Consequently, chaos, which allows the creation of random processes and phenomena, can only create a garbage dump of well-defined objects or phenomena created by someone.

  8. If we approach the concept of God not as an anthropomorphic personified entity, then the concept of God as a “Creator”, “Creator” is quite understandable.

    “It [the Secret Doctrine] recognizes the Logos or collective 'Creator' of the universe, the Demiurge, in the sense used when referring to the 'Architect' as the 'Creator' of a building, whereas this architect never touched a single stone of it, but after drawing the plan, left all the manual work to the masons. In our case, the plan was given by the Representation (thought base) of the Cosmos, and the construction work was left to a Multitude of Intelligent Forces. But this Demiurge is not a personal Deity – that is, an imperfect, extra-cosmic God, but only a set of Dhyan Chohans and other Forces.”

    © The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky

    But then God should be understood as the entire nature of the universe as a whole.©Sergeyev Sergey

    You can also understand this if you attach the meaning of reasonable Nature, and only a person has reason from all natural objects, as is known. From this it follows that nature is conscious, but not all intelligent. The Creator can only be one who has intelligence.

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