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  1. God created all matter by cause and effect, otherwise we would not be able to make any choice, since making it will already be followed by the cause of it. Just as diseases have a standard, the tasks of our actions, deviation from them, are punished by God with the appearance of diseases or death in us.

  2. Yes, it exists.
    Causal relationships are roughly reduced to the fact that in time after a set of events {a, b, c} always or with some frequency/probability follows a set of events {x, y, z}.
    Our whole life consists of such reproducible “bundles”. It follows that in at least some cases, causal relationships exist.

  3. You “swung” at the axiomatics of EVERYTHING. By itself, p / s communication is the VERY first, invented, UNPROVEN “cog” IN ANY MODEL AND DISCIPLINE.
    Well, suppose it DOESN'T EXIST. All sciences have collapsed. … to THE BOTTOM, AND THEN..
    Where do we start?🤔

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