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  1. Tickling is a means to make a person laugh, have fun, and sometimes even relax. But few people think about the useful properties of this entertainment. German scientists decided to do research in this area.

    What is tickling good for people? Scientists gave an interesting answer

    Experts from Germany conducted a series of tests to find out what the benefits of tickling are. It turned out that tickling helps in establishing contacts between socialized mammals.

    The study was conducted on laboratory rodents. These animals are also able to feel tickled. Experts have established that this phenomenon is the result of the excitation of neurons in the somatosensory cortex of the brain. And it develops only in socialized mammals, which can use tickling to establish contacts with each other.

    Thus, scientists from Germany came to an unexpected conclusion. Tickling allows you to find a common language between people. But this does not apply to every case. So, this type of entertainment can play into your hands only if both participants of the “game” are in a good and positive mood.

    During times of stress or bad mood, this process does not affect the development of communication in any way, since people, like rats, are not susceptible to tickling at such moments.

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