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  1. yes, exactly the opposite. an act of acute rejection of reality. to accept is, in my opinion, just to accept the rules of the game. one or the other, even if it's socially acceptable to go to work, even if it's criminal, it's still the rules of the game in this world. suicide is an exit from the game and a complete rejection of it, or more precisely, a complete rejection of life

  2. Despite the fact that suicide seems to be perceived as a rebellion and disagreement with reality, it can be indirectly a resignation to this very reality. A. Camus also wrote about this: the world is absurd, but if a person decides to commit suicide, it means that he does not rebel against the absurd, but runs away and turns away from it, coming to terms with this absurdity, i.e. with reality. Only those who choose to stay alive truly confront the absurd and give their lives meaning. So according to this logic, yes, suicide is an escape from reality, unwillingness and inability to change something, which means that the person has accepted and given up.

    Ordinary consciousness believes that just the opposite, a person stayed alive instead of committing suicide-it means that he “accepted the rules of the game”, got cold feet, resigned himself. But by doing so, suicides are elevated to a certain pedestal, like rebels and daredevils who allegedly “did not accept”.�

    But, first of all, it is known that it is more difficult to perform daily actions than to perform some “feat” once. �

    Secondly, it is a mistake to think that people stay alive only because they are cowardly enough to commit suicide. So suicide becomes the highest value, and in fact it remains essentially an escape from life and an unwillingness, an inability to change anything. Sometimes a person really, objectively cannot change his life, but this just means that he has come to terms with the inability to change the situation or himself.

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  3. Rather, on the contrary – a desperate unwillingness to put up with it, as the last thing that allows you to feel like a person in unbearable conditions. My friend committed suicide (and no matter what anyone said about attracting attention, she did everything so that those who are dear to her did not find her, I naturally searched for her and was able to find her only by chance). I knew very well why she did it (she did not hide her intentions), and one of the motives for doing this was not to accept the pizdets that were happening in her life, if she is in depre and has long given up to overcome it, then at least not to break down and accept that her problems that caused this are humiliating (in her understanding), unsolvable, and lifelong. For her to accept it was worse than death.

  4. I remember very well the bad yuntst and constant thoughts of suicide:) I am sure that this is an attempt to 1) attract attention to themselves (here they run, cry!), 2) false thoughts that this will bring peace, like a dream.

    There can be no objective reason for suicide in life. Especially if the body has not multiplied, has not raised children. The urge to commit suicide is an ordinary subjective concoction, a closure, when a person invents problems for himself, convinces himself of decay and hopelessness. Alternatively, this is a defensive tactic for weak organisms. If I didn't manage to participate in this celebration of life (parties, socializing, the opposite sex, “popularity”), then I will pretend that I refuse to do it at all, I don't need it. I'm also not pretty!

    All this is nonsense, imposed from the inside by the brain-reptile, and not external objective factors. Therefore, we are not talking about any reconciliation with reality.

  5. “Suicide is a plea for help that no one has heard.” Acceptance of reality implies adaptation to this very reality, while suicide, on the contrary, means rejection, non – acceptance of the situation, hence the depletion of mental resources.

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