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  1. Why do you care? Do you dream of returning to alcoholism? I'd be happy if I were you. The main thing is not to impose your attitude to alcohol on anyone.

  2. There are options .First the question is Do you live alone or with your spouse or mother if so they may not like the fact that you drink alcohol and drugs that cause such a reaction of the body are added to your food without your knowledge.

  3. You may have been drugged with alcohol-aversive drugs in your food or drink. I also abruptly gave up alcohol while living abroad, but I don't have an aversion or anything like that. Just some kind of indifference

  4. So, don't drink! The body got tired of being poisoned and announced a boycott. I've met people who've had this happen to them. With some from prolonged abstinence for forced reasons, with others-just like that, by itself. You should be happy about such an event – the savings are huge, and the benefits are rather big)

  5. Hi!

    Have you noticed at what point you became disgusted with alcohol? Is it all alcohol or specific drinks?

    Look, my dear friend, there can be a lot of reasons, and they are all diverse. I will name the main ones that are most often found.

    1) Alcohol poisoning. The most banal reason, the body remembers the fact of intoxication, and takes such preventive measures. The instinct of self-preservation in action. This happens both with specific drinks and with all alcohol in general.

    2) Serious upheavals in life can also discourage the desire to drink, in such an interesting way.

    3) Diseases of internal organs. For example, a close friend of mine can't stand even the smell of alcohol because of a liver defect(enlarged).

    Here are some directions to dig into. But is it worth it? Without alcohol, life is not a bit worse.

  6. Most likely, it's not about you, but about the alcohol itself. He's not the same anymore. There are fewer and fewer normal manufacturers. Save money. Optimization. Reduce costs. Replacement rates. Market share growth. Under once solid and proven brands, low-quality garbage is increasingly being put on the shelves. Rednecks, they say, are catching up. And worst of all, it still works. Hawks. He eats, and asks for more. People who still have a sense of taste, it is increasingly difficult to find a decent drink.

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