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  1. I won't be original – I'll plan my time, spend it with my loved ones, finish things, and try to go somewhere I haven't been before. First of all, I'll watch the movie “Until I played in the box” – there are a lot of ideas on this topic)

  2. I have a friend who was diagnosed with hepatitis C. It was a long time ago, he was so well-fed, liked beer and something stronger to drink with friends. And now in the social network. this video shows how a hot water bottle is inflated in a sports club, and it explodes. He clearly weighs more than at the time when he learned about the diagnosis – because of the muscles! All the time I hear from him something like “went fishing”, “went scuba diving”, “decided to take piano lessons”, “got a cat”, etc. On weekends-communication with two children, whom he loves madly. In a word, an active life… We started talking once. He says, ” Do you remember when I had a friend like that? He was diagnosed with liver problems. And the guy died a year and a half later. He just died like that. I didn't change anything about myself, I didn't struggle, I just accepted it as a given. And I thought-damn it! This is my reflection in fact (and he then knew about the diagnosis).” And I changed myself.�

    Here are two real-life stories.

    The third real story. My grandmother, born in 1931, was recently diagnosed with cancer. And she, despite her age, will give a head start to all young people. Rushes to the forest, digs a vegetable garden, keeps in touch with numerous relatives. Such, I will tell you, an active grandmother. Moderately takes medications, folk remedies. She refused the operation (because she is mentally ready to face death. Partly because of age, partly because of the perizhitoy war and other experiences). I didn't change my lifestyle.�

    The conclusion I made for myself from these and other stories is that I will die. Sooner or later. Therefore, I try to live as if I will die not in 1-2 months, but tomorrow morning. That doesn't mean I'm running like hell. I appreciate the time spent with a loved one, I like to walk around the city where I live, I try to create something with my hands whenever possible. So if I'd heard that I was going to die soon, I'd have taken it for granted. Well, maybe I would try to “close my debts”, finish my business, collect money for funerals, hire an orchestra with buffoons… At the same time, I don't care where I would have ended up after or if I would have ended up at all. On the one hand, I would feel sorry for those who love me and who would be greatly affected by my death. On the other hand, I would feel a little relieved to be relieved of my responsibility. But that's what I'm thinking right now. �

    You don't have to read any more. In Islam, when a child is born, the call to prayer is recited. Like this. There is a call to prayer, but there is no prayer itself. And when a person dies, they pray at the funeral without a call to prayer. Because the call to prayer at a person's birth is the call to prayer at their funeral, and their entire life is a dash between two dates. I think that's a very rude idea

  3. I have asked myself this question many times and the answer has always been different, I think for the most accurate answer you need to be in this situation. and now, I think, I worked seven days a week, took on any job, and I don't rule out bad deeds, for example, loans issued in such a way that after my death they were reimbursed by insurance companies, and not by relatives… in general, money comes first, since I still have a small daughter and it would be difficult for my wife to provide for her (there are no grandparents), at least until she goes to school. and certainly not traveling/climbing fuji/swimming with dolphins/going to the moon and all that nonsense. I tried to be honest…

  4. I would try to see all my family and friends who are dear to me, and tell them how dear they are to me and how glad I am to have them in my life. I would give them everything that I have and everything that I have created (paintings, drawings, photographs), so that my memory would remain.

  5. I've often asked myself this question. Too often, even. You can, of course, beat yourself in the chest and say that “I will spend every day like the last time, appreciate every second”. But it's hard to believe that you will be able to do this in view of your financial capabilities, the capabilities of your loved ones, and your physical capabilities.
    But since I was able to answer the question, thooo…. the best thing is to organize an unrealistically huge party in some hellish loft, invite your friends, dance for three days without stopping to jungle and yuk garej, say thank yousand hugs to everyone, and then fly with your parents and loved ones to Zanzibar

  6. You need to finish all the cases, make a will, agree on the method of disposal of your mortal body, pay expenses, sign documents so that later people who care about you do not suffer (because funerals are a very difficult and exhausting process), finish all the unwritten things, finish all the unfinished things (all, of course, do not have time, two lifetimes are not enough, what to say about two months, but in the process you can See people you care about more often and probably tell them more than you could have said when you were uncertain about your time of death. In general, nothing that you wouldn't have to do without being on Valhalla's doorstep.

  7. In the first place, “I would be annoyed”mixed with” relief.”�Me�not�so much�care�death,�how�the�fact,�I�not�know�her�date and�not�can�all�plan focusing on her.�

    Further�scored�would�on�all�care and�beginning�would�measure�their�physical�opportunities�to satisfy�all�desire�not�looking�on�laws and�morality.

    I�people�which�nothing�more�to lose, and�movies�us�already�told�that�make�such�people)

    Just imagine psychopath�which�for�it�acts�nothing�not�be)

    Hmm.�Although�is�all�case�if I�alone�as�now.�Whether�me�favorite�man, I�would�all�remaining�time�dedicated�him. And�under�the end,�would have stolen a lot of money and�hid�would�for�him.

    To die, she would go to the bottom of the river in a mermaid costume.�Cool�same)

  8. In fact, this is a terrible question and a terrible choice. Only it seems that everything is so easy to foresee and cheerfully step towards death. “But if we are to theorize, I will try to put all the property matters in order, and with our bureaucracy, even a month and a half may not be enough. I will apologize to my dear ones, tell them how much I need them, and wish them happiness. I will try to spend as much time as possible with the closest person, but where would I get the strength not to torment myself and his awareness of loss? I would like to go to the sea, but in the current situation to the sea – only on foot, so I will not have time.

  9. At first glance, I will be depressed. For such news is not the same if I am told that I have a simple cold.�

    And if I could somehow be reassured (although I doubt it, seeing my parents ' face is not the most pleasant thing at such a moment in my life), then I would somehow collect my thoughts and finish my book. I would ask them to leave the organs to those in need, so that they do not rot with me in the land. I will spend the last moments of my life with my friends and family. But the most interesting thing is that I once saw a girl on a bus that I fell in love with at first sight. I would give up all my remaining time to find her and say, “Girl, I really liked you, I would like to take you for a walk in the park,” and then no matter what she says, I will be happy and pass away.

  10. I'll do the same as I do now.�
    This kind of question prompted me to think about 10 years ago, then there was a situation in my life when it (deeply subjective) acquired more or less real features, and since then I have not postponed anything for “before death”.

  11. the story is similar to the movie “reach for heaven”. I would pursue my dreams whenever possible. I would try to spend more time with the people I care about. It remains an open question whether to report the diagnosis to parents. I don't even know if it's better to live in suspense or ignorance. I would write wills for the transfer of suitable organs to those who need them, the brain for study. And in general, you can also participate in experimental experiments))) Always in arguments about death, I prefer to see my death bright, without suffering. I don't want to stagger and bend over in pain. I think the opinion will change closer to the “final” because life is wonderful. I want to see more of the software.

  12. The most likely option seems to me that I will spend this time in a deep depression and cry every day.�

    But if not, then with your family, in church, doing charity work.

    Once I decided to stir up a completely rotten eighth grade and asked them what they would do if they had a year, a month, a week, a day left to live.

    At first, the boys started showing off about bank robberies and “trying everything”, then, completely without my help, they suddenly rethought something and came to the conclusion that it was necessary to leave a trace: make children, write a picture, a book. The girls talked about traveling, about how they would ask their parents to apologize for all their insults, and one of them honestly said that she would just cry for a week. And her fragile friend under her breath: “And I would eat and eat, eat and eat…”

  13. I'll forget about all the current cases, focus on a few: I'll load up the gallery on flickr, sort photos by album, and add tags. I'll go to my parents ' house and take a walk in my favorite places. I'll also finish drawing the childhood home in 3D, which is exactly what it will take a month to do.

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