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  1. I will start with banal tips, and as we said earlier:
    1.Constantly make your brain work. It is not necessary to solve crosswords every day, but if you travel a lot, you will make your brain glow like a light bulb, and you will please yourself
    2. Also, yes, you should sometimes take B vitamins and Omega-3s ( of course, after consulting your doctor. Hypervitaminosis has not been canceled)
    3. And also, a banal tip, do not knock your head. One in 6 boxers gets Alzheimer's disease in their old age.

    1. Also, if possible, it is worth knowing your pedigree. Most often, the tendency to senile disease lies in the DNA.
    2. And it's probably worth remembering that the older you are, the higher the chance of getting Parkinson's or Alzheimer's , so if staying sane is more important to you than living long, then living 100+ years can be a bit risky

    I hope my answer will benefit you

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