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  1. Lucid dreams should only be tried if you either already have regular dreams and remember them (even if only in the morning), or if you have time to get enough sleep every day. Otherwise, it will be very difficult.

    I often had lucid dreams as a child, and when I came across Laberge's book at an older age, I was interested in revisiting the experience. In about a month, I managed to achieve one or two OSS per week. It took a lot of self-discipline and experimentation with sleep time, but if I was wondering if it was worth it, I'd say it was, and here's why:

    1. Breaking your comfort zone.

    You can simulate the situation in a dream and in reality it will be much less stressful for you. Example: developing social skills.

    1. Dealing with stress.

    You can always find a good movie or book to distract your mind from the current of problems for a short time. Well, if you can also “live” in it, then distraction and stress reduction are guaranteed.

    1. Developing self-control.

    I was also helped to master several psychological techniques that already in the real world help you set yourself up in the right way. It became easier for me to concentrate and force myself to do something.

    I have identified three points that are important for me, this is purely my personal experience. The main thing is that if you have the time, desire and, most importantly, interest in self-development, then such a skill will not be superfluous. Moreover, it can't do any harm, even theoretically.

  2. Once I came across a question on zekveshne on the type “how to achieve lucid sleep”, but I had never heard of them before and decided to read what it was, it's interesting.

    I thought there would be something like ” just a few years of training and you can already move your little finger in a lucid dream…”, but it turned out that with a good combination of circumstances, everything can turn out much faster, moreover, lucid dreams promised me just incredible opportunities. But the main thing that prompted me to try is an extremely simple method, namely, tapping the index finger as if on a key, and there are still some nuances. I won't fully describe the method. You will find it in the search, in one of the questions about the OS.

    On the same day, I decided to give it a try. When I went to bed, I started doing everything as described. I do not know how long I lay like this, but at some point, which came very unexpectedly, I felt that something was wrong. I thought I saw myself from the side, tapping my finger on the bed, and the view from above, then the whole picture, like a camera, went down and drowned in me and floated out in the same place where it was, again the view from above, I was looking from a transparent elevator that rolled in recursion. Then it's better.

    Again an imperceptible transition, I no longer ride in the elevator, I think I was just lying down. Suddenly I felt something that is extremely difficult to describe, only to feel it myself. I had a feeling that something wanted to come out of me, my chest was rising up or so it seemed to me, and I was flying out of my body, already preparing to fly up through the ceiling, but it didn't work, something was holding me back, and so many times, back and forth. And an incredible sense of relief at this, or something, I don't know what to compare it with, but it really impressed me then.

    I don't know, maybe I was just inspired and dreamed it all, but still, the feeling was cool. I tried again later, but it didn't work. In general, something like this is waiting for you if you spend one hour before going to bed, and maybe nothing is waiting for you… Try it!)

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