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  1. Article 116 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Beatings
    (as amended) Federal Law No. 8-FZ of 07.02.2017)

    Beatings or other violent acts that caused physical pain but did not entail the consequences specified in Article 115 of this Code, committed out of hooligan motives, as well as on the grounds of political, ideological, racial, national or religious hatred or enmity, or on the grounds of hatred or enmity against any social group, –
    are punished by compulsory labor for a term of up to three hundred and sixty hours, or correctional labor for a term of up to one year, or restriction of liberty for a term of up to two years, or forced labor for a term of up to two years, or arrest for a term of up to six months, or imprisonment for a term of up to two years.

    Calling the police at the time of an incident is a normal civil position. I believe that if someone witnessed a beating (or crime), then it is a civic duty to report it to the police. But if you are a witness only if you just know about it, then you can warn the abuser about responsibility and what punishment awaits him for these actions. Although it is unlikely that this will help, but you can try it.

    This situation, in general, and first of all, should be addressed by a woman who is subjected to violence. But without someone's support and help, it is quite difficult for her to do this. The situation does not change because the woman does not know what to do and is afraid of the consequences.

    She can be recommended to contact a crisis center for women who have been subjected to domestic violence.

    To change something, it is important to convey to everyone in this situation that they need psychological help, otherwise, if they do not solve personal and family psychological problems, the situation may end badly.

  2. Always step in and stop the violence if you are a witness. If you can't do it yourself, please dial 112. But never pass by when someone is beaten up, especially women, the elderly and children.

  3. First you need to figure out how to beat. Here is an example from my own life: my ex-wife, if something really annoyed her, would rush at me with her fists, I would put my hands up so that important parts would not fly in. At the same time, she screamed: “You're not a man!! Then I found out that she was telling her relatives and friends that I was “beating her up” and that she was showing bruises on her hands that she was stuffing on me.. It ended with her trying to tell this story to my sister and at the next such “scene” I called her sister (who lived two minutes away and was just “helping” her to live with her, was friends with her against me), she instantly understood everything and stopped helping. It turned out there was a lover and she didn't know how to break up with me so as to be good in the eyes of everyone. Now they live together, moved to the other side of the country away from their exes and children. So first you need to understand the situation before “helping”.

    Example2. It's happening now. My cousin lives with her husband, who drinks, occasionally “beats” her, almost does not work. She constantly complains about him that he is so bad, he does not need children.

    As a result of long conversations on the topic ” why don't you leave?” gives out: “I believe that the house should be mine (live in his house) and it is easier for me to live with such a chm, because with a strong man I will feel like a chm. He comes home drunk, I'll turn all the dogs on him and it's easier for me, well, sometimes he can't stand it and shakes me by the breasts, I know he won't kill me. He loves me” No kidding. In plain text. She's so comfortable. Everyone feels sorry for her, helps her, all his relatives feel guilty and take her groceries, sit with the children, buy clothes for the children, and she works in a good government job with a good white salary, bought a car, go abroad on vacation occasionally.

    I read that in some of the countries (I don't remember which one) there is a judicial practice: if a woman applies with a complaint about her husband's violence or a man about his wife's violence, then they are automatically forbidden to live with each other, divorce if they were married and issue a court ban on communicating with each other. And you don't need to beat anyone in the face for educational purposes, as some suggest here – everyone knows the measure of responsibility.

  4. Worth it! Before your eyes, the strong are beating the weak! But since he is a sibling, a special approach is needed here. Try to influence it through your parents. If it doesn't work, then talk to him yourself and scare him – if you don't stop, I'll go to the police and be a witness…

    What about the beaten wife? Silent? So maybe we shouldn't protect her, huh? Personally, I can't stand this “sheep-victim” attitude…

  5. In my opinion, it's not worth it.

    First, what prevents his wife from going to the emergency room, removing the beatings and writing a statement to the police. Or just call the police at the next assault? Nothing interferes. Then why doesn't she do it?

    Secondly, did his wife ever ask you to help, or did she hint to you that she couldn't call the police or file a report against him, for example, because he locked her in the apartment and wouldn't let her out? If she is free to act and no one is holding her hostage, then this is her own choice.

    Now, what happens if you step in: most likely, you will have a fight with your brother, because he will tell you that this is none of your business. Perhaps, for this, his wife will fly in that she is complaining to you. In the end, who will be to blame? “You.”

    To the question of the police-why they don't like trips to domestic violence, it's because the spouse lives in this scenario, with beatings, screams, screams, and the husband needs to be reined in somehow, so the police are called to scare him. And then the following happens: the police arrive, and the wife begins to stand up for her husband and send the police out when they want to take her husband to the police station.

    It has its own atmosphere of relationships, and unfortunately, there are very few women who are really ready to leave right now, if they are given the opportunity.

  6. Well, if the wife does not always go to the left, then it is worth it.To be honest, I would have dragged my brother in for this.Raising your hand to a woman is an inferiority complex.

  7. Talk to your wife first. How's she doing anyway? Does she need help? Maybe you should go to the police with her, write a report, get rid of the beatings? Can I recommend a psychologist to her? Can you suggest a vacancy for her if she doesn't work and is economically dependent on her husband? Can you tell me who rents out an apartment cheap or a room so that there is somewhere to escape?

    Otherwise, it may be that it is normal for her. Victims also receive bonuses from their role. Today he hits, and tomorrow he crawls on his knees with a bouquet of roses and an iPhone in his teeth. Everyone feels sorry for you and scolds him. You're the queen, and he's nothing… see you next time.” For the sake of this, many are not averse to suffering. Everyone has their own mating games.

  8. And if not native-then what?) does this change anything?

    Another question is what are you going to do? vryatli you will go so far as to put him in jail, otherwise you would not have asked here now ,but would have written a statement.

    The next question is what to do with this woman? why it does not go anywhere, does not declare, does not run away well, in general, why �does not work in any way.

    Intervening means doing something meaningful, not just wagging your finger.

    you should understand that there will be some kind of reaction after your intervention.

    So, before you go anywhere, you should already think about where to hide this woman, whether to write a statement, and so on.

    Otherwise, just coming in and saying “you're doing something wrong, comrade” will only make her life worse.

  9. of course it's worth it, this is how you help your brother and not go against him, this is difficult to realize, but there are times when a person loses his own self, and lives and raises his mood due to Milanese antics, he still needs to be helped to become himself ,but if you don't know how to fight, then it's better to do it with someone ask your father, or friends, and then people in this state reach insanity, God forbid that I was wrong, of course not in all situations so

  10. Are you seriously still thinking about whether it's worth it?�

    Of course, we do not know all the circumstances, but this does not change anything – this is violence against a weak person. Perhaps she doesn't write to your brother because she is afraid of the same reaction or “she has love”.�

    I'm sorry, but your brother isn't a very nice person. And if you think that you will resolve the issue peacefully, have a heart-to-heart conversation with him or threaten him, then he will come to his senses, so, no, nothing like that will happen. He might feel sorry for her a little, cry a little, or try to change, but in the end, with another outburst of rage, he will beat his wife again, or even worse, because she already allows herself to be treated like this.

    This lady may not realize that she needs help, but she obviously does. Please do not be indifferent to the suffering of others! Believe me, when you are fucked by your own man, it is very painful (physically, that's for sure!) and scary.

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