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  1. I survived a clinical death by drowning.
    What did I feel? Nothing. You might be interested in imagining this.
    Imagine that you were not born. Was there something before you were born? Do you remember that time? Then your brain and what is called consciousness did not exist yet. That's what “nothing” is. “Nothing”, this is not some sensations, but their complete absence. All that a person compares death to during life is sensations or memories, and after the brain stops working, there are no sensations or memories. Consciousness ceases to exist, as the processes that provide it cease.

    Clinical death involves the suppression and stopping of the central nervous system. The transmission of impulses between neurons stops. Simply put, a person loses consciousness.

    Here's an example: if you've ever been under general anesthesia – you were in an unconscious state, only it was caused by artificial inhibition of nervous activity with the help of drugs.
    If you fainted, you also experienced a loss of consciousness.

    There is also such a phenomenon as near-death experiences, which people often describe, interpreting them as any supernatural processes that are actually the effect of hypoxia and stopping processes in the central nervous system. For example, a feeling of warmth, a light at the end of a tunnel, an out-of-body experience (which, by the way, was refuted in the following way: behind the walls, on cabinets and high shelves in the patient's ward, they put cards with images that they asked to describe, but people predictably could not describe these images).
    I can recommend this video from myself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be35irl2Kv8&ab_channel=SciOne

  2. Once, as a child, I had my entire leg burned by antifreeze. The dressing was done once every 2 days. During these 2 days, the bandages were soaked with sucrovitsa, and stuck directly to the meat, bone…
    Each dressing felt as if the skin was being peeled off without pain relief… Hellish pain and terrible fear in general..
    One day, I was taken to the dressing room… And since I had already repeatedly experienced this pain, the body (namely, thoughts in the brain) whispered that everything, I could not stand such pain anymore.. And there was wild terror and fear.. I roared as hard as I could then…
    As a result, 4 doctors are kept, one opens bandages from meat…
    From the pain, I remember how now, I stupidly turned off…
    In an instant, he was over the operating table… And so it was high)) In general, complete nirvana, samadhi, serenity, calmness, happiness even…
    I watched as the doctors fussed over my body, someone takes a syringe, someone quickly does a heart massage…
    And I watch and have no thoughts or emotions…
    And suddenly I was pulled back to the heart area, I came to my senses and felt again all the splendor of pain, emotions and feelings))…
    This is my experience.

  3. Clinical death is primarily characterized by the cessation of visible brain activity. If the person returned, then the brain cells did not die, which means that they worked during clinical death. Just their “power” was not enough to fix the EEG. In clinical death, neurons are alive, but they cannot function normally, and various neurotransmitters are released spontaneously, which leads either to hallucinations during clinical death, or to false memories when the brain is restored to function under the influence of these released substances. No one can answer exactly what is happening

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  4. When I was hit by a car, I felt a slight ringing sound and a big surge of energy, as if I was connected to a large machine. Everything was hazy and my senses were dulled, my body felt like cotton wool and wouldn't listen. I didn't wake up until I was on the bus, calling my best friend to come and help me. After clinical death, which was diagnosed after the fact, the dullness remained and there were sensations, as if looking at the world through a lens that distorts the picture. There were many hallucinations.

  5. I was given a diagnostic laparoscopy(the operation is simple), but since the doctors did not deign to do either ultrasound, CT, or MRI, they made a puncture above the navel as usual and….. got into the kidney. They're freaking out. I don't know exactly how long I was in a state of clinical death. I remember that I woke up(with my brain), but my eyes were closed, my body was paralyzed, I tried to move,open my eyes, twitch my arm or leg, scream, but to no avail. I could hear the long beep of the machine, which meant that my heart had stopped, and I could hear the doctors saying in horror that they had no idea what had happened or what to do with me. At some point I realized that I was not breathing and there was no feeling of lack of air, and at this moment it became very interesting. I thought that the anesthesia didn't work completely and my brain woke up. I felt pressure on my chest and stomach, but no pain. I tried to move or scream, but then I was just terribly tired, I realized that I didn't have the strength to fight anymore and decided, come what may, and it was as if I fell asleep. When I woke up, the doctors looked at me as if I was something supernatural. They asked me how I was feeling, I said I'd heard everything, they didn't believe me, they laughed, they said it was because of the anesthesia glitches. Then I recited everything I'd heard, and they looked at each other and told me to get out of the operating room quickly. After waking up, I cried for an hour, I was just hysterical and I felt like the temperature was still 45, it was terribly cold. The feeling is very scary. If death looks like this, then it's very scary. Take care of yourself!

  6. How do people who have experienced clinical death feel ?If the soul has left the physical body everyone sees and hears everything if they are in the physical world but sometimes out of fright thinking that they have already died they fly to the spiritual world where they are told after a while that it is still too early for them to come here and are sent to the physical body .There is also a COMA, which is a slightly different situation …This is when the soul has come out to the waist sees with spiritual vision and hears with spiritual hearing the hearing is very sensitive and the vision can be telescopic …But the most interesting thing is that the soul remembers everything in this incarnation .Where he was born where he was baptized etc d. The only problem is that the soul sees its physical body. “but he doesn't know how to get xia back there?”??And I know this knowledge can be useful for doctors in the intensive care unit …Stand next to a comatose person and tell them to concentrate all their desire on opening their eyes !The desire must be very strong, or he would tell himself …NOW I WILL GATHER ALL MY STRENGTH AND WILL AND OPEN MY EYES !!!That's the whole secret of getting out of a coma myself once experienced …Sincerely, Victor.

  7. Thirty years ago, after an operation, my stitches parted, and there was a very large blood loss. They were rushed to the operating room, given anesthesia, and almost immediately there was a feeling that the body seemed to be spinning, like in a centrifuge, losing its shape. The hands flow into each other…

    The next thing I know, I'm watching from the ceiling, right above the operating room lamp, as the doctors work magic on my body. I watch calmly, without emotion, as if it's the right thing to do.

    Doctors are nervous, the words “She's leaving”are heard.

    And I keep watching.

    And then suddenly I return to my body, but I don't feel the transition.

    I just turn on my consciousness, I hear the doctor say to me:”The operation went well, everything is in order.”

    Well, then just life.

    Only 2 years later, a doctor I knew explained to me that it was a clinical death.

  8. Did I like this question? But the bottom line is that if I tell you what I saw there , no one will ever believe me. Because there is there, and here is here! I tried to tell the closest of my family and friends! But the answer was that it was all bullshit. So why talk about what I saw there? If no one believes this, and even worse, there will be smart guys who will be sent to a Madhouse! So I know what's waiting for me when I'm done here. Because God told me that it's too early for me to get there, even though it's not here! It's something else entirely. But God won't let you go there! Until your mission ends here, pleasing only to him alone! To the creator.. To be honest, there is Life both here and there! Therefore, you need to live with dignity here, With dignity is not to steal, not to kill. Love your neighbor, man! No matter what nation or faith it is. To stay there and receive the blessing of God! Otherwise, not as it will not work! God will send you back down, no matter how much you beg him to stay there, because there, PARADISE, There you are in another World, All your mental desires there are fulfilled instantly, You want to fly, you will fly, you want a Blooming garden, you will have a garden of indescribable beauty, and people there are of a different soul and disposition, because there is PEACE and Love! There is no war, no poverty, no resentment, no pain, no negativity! It's PARADISE! And that says it all!I'm sure those who were there didn't want to go back. But GOD! It does not take sinners, they are reborn and return to earth to correct their God's mission anew! And sometimes 7 generations! So live with love for your neighbors! Don't live in the name of your belly, it's all not necessary there! You don't need anything there! Everything is there. And most importantly, there are no rich or poor! Everyone there is the same before God! Children of God! I was there, I saw how it was, although many people told me that they experienced horror there, I mean those who sin, so if they managed to return to earth again, they ran to the church and prayed, they still pray! They know that you can't fool God! These aren't people who trusted you. One must go to God with a pure soul and conscience! After returning from there, I wrote this piece in verse form.It has both truth and fiction. And you are the judge ! What a person experiences after clinical death.

  9. Survived roz 10 clinical death. When I regained consciousness, I told them that they had saved me. On vapros did I see the tunnel and at the end of the light. Or God. No, I don't remember anything at all. Sovremenim found a certain psychological deviation. Toys in some places I'm not even sick, and some things I haven't studied. And not like I can't know them. A naproxen like you in the first in this place and the feeling of Kabuto lived on this revenge all my life. Or suddenly I began to understand how an electronic product works that just appeared today and the feeling is somehow you have already used this device for 20 years. Nonsense turns out, and awkward vyglidet.

  10. At first, everything was filled with an iridescent color. Then everything turned white, and there was a pulsing ultrasound. It merged into a monotonous thin stream of sound sensation. Then, abruptly, darkness. No thoughts, no feelings, no memory. It's a strange feeling. It's like you've erased yourself and become a void. You as such are no longer there. But the steady squeak is still audible, but fainter and fainter. Then it stopped. Time has lost its meaning. Because the state of the dark void is stationary. Suddenly you begin to distinguish a cloudy, barely noticeable glow, which gradually merges into a thin bright beam of light. The next thing you know, you're back.

  11. A dream, but unusual. You're warm and happy. It felt like I'd fallen asleep in a car that was going somewhere far away from the city that you hadn't been allowed out of for a long time.

  12. In my youth, I often fainted, mostly from pain. At the moment of the fall, my entire short life flashed before my eyes , there was a bright tunnel at the end of which there was a bright light and, most importantly, nothing hurt in that world. And I didn't want to go back to real life, because the pain was coming back. Now in adulthood I do not have such conditions, or the pain threshold has increased or I do not experience such a bright, rapid pain already. Maybe even in clinical death, people feel the same visions as I do in fainting spells.

  13. Over time, you begin to understand that Lady luck is an ordinary prostitute. But here's the bad thing, you ran out of money at that moment.

    After I fell to the ground, I couldn't feel my body anymore. The pain was so fast that it felt like someone had cut a thread that was taut with scissors. There were no corridors, no white light at the end of the tunnel, nothing. It was completely dark, and then I opened my eyes and found that I was still alive.

  14. Electrical injury. She put her left hand on the desk lamp, which had a faulty electrical wiring, sat behind the windowsill, both feet touching the battery. Her arm spasmed, and she managed to scream. According to eyewitnesses, it was heard even on the street. The last memories in my mind – I lean back.

    My short life “flies by” before my eyes (I graduated from the 10th grade), but the actions take place in the opposite direction. Then I'm rushing through the black tunnel at breakneck speed in a state of euphoria.

    And then I feel, and then I see, that my father is bending over me, spreading my hands apart, then pressing them to my chest and crying. I want to say I'm fine, but I can't. After a while, I finally managed to tell her. And he asked me to wave my hands on my own, because he had already been giving me artificial respiration for 20 minutes and was tired. When I asked him why he was crying, he said he thought I was dead.

    I feel like I'm lying in a puddle of my own urine, I'm very ashamed, so I didn't tell anyone about this “chance”.

    I only told my father about what I saw after losing consciousness, and he told me to keep quiet if I didn't want to get into the “dope”.

    After that, I almost died twice more: when the ambulance arrived (45 minutes after the call), the nurse put an injection in a vein and broke the needle, the doctor immediately reacted and pulled the needle fragment out of the vein,and then gave the injection herself. I found out that it could have been fatal many years later, when I just mentioned it in conversation.�

    And I also burned the blood vessels on my arm, during one of the bandages, a fountain of blood suddenly rose to the ceiling and the entire dressing room was flooded with blood. The doctor stopped the blood flow, but didn't tell me anything. And late in the evening of that day, when I was going to go to bed, I found that blood was pouring out from under the bandage, and it wasn't so bad, when I ran to the hospital, a bloody trail stretched behind me and rare passers-by shied away.

    In those distant Soviet times, I had a chance to “get acquainted” with both responsible doctors and not. Therefore, when doctors are being harassed at the same time recalling the “wonderful” Soviet times, I think this is nothing more than a hoax. People by their very nature do not change so easily, as they did then – currently there are doctors both good and bad, in fact, this is observed in any profession.

    The realization that I was clinically dead came after reading Dr. Moody's book “Life After Life”.

  15. I was like this, I was lying on the table and suddenly I feel like a very small lump of energy that is rushing around inside my body, as if in a maze looking for a way out. So I wanted to go out, so crowded and at the same time a lot of space, I was aware of 40% of what was happening in general, the main thing was itching to get out, get out. All the same, I came out, I'm standing naked as at the north pole, snow, ice, and a man walking towards me, he tormazil while moving, as in slow motion, time stopped, I spin around and do not know where to go, and he still goes as in the frame, what came to mind was the bitterness, pain, from the fact that you are no longer there and you will not return home anymore. I heard the doctor's voice calling my name, so I turned my head towards the voice and went back. They sewed it up, but I can still feel it. Fearfully. There is nothing to do there but realize that you are lonely, bitter and painful.

  16. I didn't feel anything… they just turned off the lights .. and the sound.. and everything… But when they returned it with the help of my now best friend Defibrillator ))) It was like waking up from a deep dream : a yellow field of wheat and a child with a yellow alphabet book… and above all this, the doctor's face and his voice “it's okay, it's okay, you can hear me” )))

  17. Faced with clinical death during a caesarean section, 7 minutes.I hung like a feather on the ceiling, depending on what was going on.Then a long hallway and a blinding light at the end.There was only one thought how to manage to fly back into the heart, I managed…but what remained in my memory was not fear, but very positive emotions and the meeting of 2 Angels there in pink….who sent me like a pipe to live!

  18. I got burned on my grandmother's stove at the age of 7. I lost consciousness, I remember the tunnel and how I was rushing through it at breakneck speed, but not physically, like Alice in Wonderland, but mentally or something… At the same time, my entire short life is in a panoramic view. A feeling of incredible happiness, euphoria and love for everyone and everything! At the end of the tunnel, the light is amazing and so I want to get closer to this light as quickly as possible, I didn't have a chance, fortunately for my relatives. When I woke up, my neighbor was rubbing snow on my face. I remember a nagging feeling, as if something very precious and important had been taken away from me. It was in the mid-70s, and even adults had never heard of Moody before.

  19. In early August 2000, he was clinically killed when he got out of the car and tried to intervene in a fight. I remember coming out, approaching the fighters, and one of them coming at me.
    Then-BLACKNESS. The lights were turned off. It ceased to exist.
    My next memory: a white ceiling with a pattern of small cracks. Uncomfortable in the throat: there is a tube of artificial ventilation of the lungs. I can't move my hands, only my fingers: my hands are tied.
    Sunny day, late October of the same year.
    As I understood from the stories later: I was hit in the jaw by one of the attackers, broke it, sent me to a knockout. When falling to the ground, the occipital part of the head hit the corner of the bardyur stone. Brain contusion, coma. At first, the hospital was mistaken for a dead man, sent to the morgue. In the corridor to the morgue, my family found me, closer to midnight.
    They were transferred to the intensive care unit, the life was still warm, but weak. 70 days passed like a blink of an eye. Maybe there is life after death, but when the brain is turned off, you just stop existing. Our personality is the result of the interaction of complex amino acids in the skull. And when the box is critically affected…
    It just DOESN'T WORK.
    And all these stories about corridors: hallucinations associated with incorrect brain function.
    We are biochemical devices, the result of thousands of years of evolution.
    The soul is in us, but only while there are chemical processes in the brain

  20. In the intensive care unit there was a case, they did a heart operation, which lasted about 5-6 hours. Nothing happens, you just fall asleep and that's it. It's a little sad when you realize that it's empty and there's nothing but darkness.

  21. I would like to remember. But the immersion in the “dream” itself I remember well. One – on-one when teenagers “put to sleep” each other with scarves. Numbness of the whole body, darkness, but conscious. You comprehend the process, and then muddy memories, in fragments. And not visual images, but rather a set of interferences that are impossible to describe, but I still remember them. The doctor said that many people try to describe it, but they can't, because these are neither images nor physical sensations. “I remember this, I don't know what, but I remember it.” I think it was just the incoherent signals of a dying brain.

  22. I'll answer it, too. As a child, I accidentally ripped my chest right in front of my heart. At first I didn't even feel pain-shock. Then my consciousness began to slowly turn cloudy,I sat down on a chair (fortunately I managed to get to the first-aid station,it was in the camp) and just passed out.When I woke up, I was told that my heart didn't beat for 30 seconds.You don't feel any special feelings,all these religious stereotypes about the light tunnel either,it's about the same as losing consciousness.You feel very relaxed.

  23. A week without consciousness in intensive care – a week in the dark.�

    Under morphine and in consciousness, it's like an endless fall into the abyss(when I already came to myself, and began to intensively anesthetize).

    No emotions. Corridors. Revelations with extraneous and otherworldly personalities.

    Emotions were there when I opened my eyes for the first time: I saw the walls painted Soviet green(1991), and a girl in a white coat. For some reason, my brain told me that I was in the grocery store, in the back room:) Although I've never been to such places before:) I couldn't understand why I couldn't move any part of my body…


    All the Best!

  24. During her not very long life, she was in a state of clinical death three times. I didn't see any angels, or the light at the end of the tunnel, or the gates of heaven, or anything like that. I seemed to be dreaming. But I sleep so soundly and sweetly. You know, adults don't usually sleep like this. I'd call it a baby's dream. You feel so good, warm, and cozy that words can't describe it. You're happy. And then they bring you back. You feel pain again, some mental anguish. I'd compare the feeling of waking up to a hangover. Here-here you were good and then bang! Morning after drinking

  25. During FGS of the stomach, my sister had a clinical death. The doctors didn't even tell her anything, but she found out that she almost died at home from her grandmother, who received a call from the doctor. My sister said that she didn't even feel or notice anything, but, as stated in another answer, just fell asleep.

  26. From observations. A woman on the operating table, under local anesthesia (conscious) gives out a cardiac arrest. Resuscitation measures are carried out for thirty minutes. Restore the work of the heart. The woman regains consciousness with the words: “Oh, I fell asleep.”Most often, people do not even know that they were in a state of clinical death, they just “fall asleep”.

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