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  1. In fact, there are several levels of text perception. I don't remember who wrote about it, but you can't get away with just one book. It is better to read with a clear head, and then you can just look at the bibliographic article, which describes the history of creation and possible interpretation options. There is also such a thing as a cultural context. For example, reading Kerouac or Kesey, it will be useful to find out who the beatniks are, hippies, read about the psychedelic revolution and Timothy Leary's role in it.

  2. You can listen to lectures by Astvatsaturov, Bykov and Kaminskaya. At the very least, it's interesting. Nothing else comes to mind. Well, actually read the literature itself. It can be divided by era, cultural background of authors, and genres.

  3. Oddly enough, there is a book just about this:

    How to Read Books by Mortimer Adler

    If you still feel misunderstood after reading the next non-film, you can read criticism about this particular work. The main thing is to read the criticism after reading the book itself and not immediately agree with what is written there. I like to read reviews to compare my feelings.

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