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  1. There are no decent articles on Dota 2, because such articles can only be written by professional players and players with a single rating above 6000, i.e. people who have a high level of play, but they do not, so you can only read their interviews, where sometimes they slip practical tips to improve the quality of their game. The articles also include guides, but they are only useful for beginners who have almost no experience in the game. Articles on Dota 2 “skill” will not develop. And you can develop it by improving your cognitive abilities. For example, you can kill 2 hares by memorizing all the characteristics of artifacts, spells and heroes, so you will improve your memory and get applied knowledge, but unfortunately they are only applied within the game.

  2. There is a wonderful guide for miders from ChaQ. Perhaps the only guide with really useful information that can teach you something.
    I also advise you to follow games about players in their positions in order to better understand what you need to do in the game. But in no case should you mindlessly copy all their actions without understanding what they were made for.
    And the skill develops practice, only practice.

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