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  1. The vast majority of prominent figures in science, art, and philosophy were not rich. The vast majority of rich people have made zero contributions to these areas, at best acting as a bag of money for real geniuses.

    You either don't know or troll us, and it's better to be stupid than a troll.

  2. The postulate doesn't work in Russia:
    “If you're so smart, then why are you so poor?”

    It's not enough to be smart in Russia, but you have to be wise in Russia.
    The difference between smart and wise:
    – the smart one will find a way out of any situation,
    – the wise one will not get into this situation.

    And this is where the main problem comes up.
    When feeding the illusion that you have gained wisdom through trial and error, you start to calculate any business idea, you understand the hopelessness of the situation.

  3. You don't have to be smart to be rich.

    Zadornov, at one time, said about our President Medvedev:”The country had all sorts of leaders, but the child has never been there yet.” However, the money he has is simply not measured.

    You can't say that Karl Marx was a stupid man, but he died in poverty.

    And then, don't forget the phrase from the Gospel: “And the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” Here, somewhere like this.

    Your mind, usually boasts of the one who, with this, a big shortage.

  4. But I, for example, earn very well. I get really obscenely little. Yesterday I found out that there is a five-thousandth bill. I'm still very impressed.

  5. And I think I'll agree that rich means smart. A fool cannot be rich. Yes, sometimes wealth is inherited, but even in this situation, you need to be smart so that this wealth is not wasted, but multiplied. And of course, I have more respect for people who have made their own fortune. But as for the poor geniuses, then everything is also ambiguous. It turns out that he was smart enough to make a certain discovery, but to make this discovery popular and earn money on it, there is no money on it? So not so smart after all. You will say that there are people for whom happiness is not in money. Perhaps. But at least everyone wants to live decently, not in poverty, in my opinion. And even that requires a mind. For this reason, yes, for me personally, the criterion of having a mind is the well-being of a person. And I just get killed by people who think they're smart and criticize some more successful people. In this case, I say that he is so “incompetent” up there, and you are so “smart” here, in full ass. It turns out that he was smart enough to get up, but you weren't.

  6. Hello.

    Once Sergey Kiriyenko asked the question: if you are smart, then why are you not rich? My answer is: because I have a conscience.

    Measuring the mind with wealth is like measuring love with gifts, etc.

    The inability to make decent money and the inability to earn money at all are two different things. If a person is healthy and educated and all he does is talk and dream, but there is no money and there is nothing to eat, I do not advise anyone to give his daughter or sister for such a person. It's a bum. Let him continue to dream and talk.

    And a decent salary is how much? A million a month? I don't think it makes sense to be friends or have a serious relationship with someone who has such requirements for you. Let him try to make friends with a millionaire, if he needs one, of course.

    Large earnings are not available to everyone. Most often, you need acquaintances, a special attraction for such people, and often-family ties.

    But, more importantly, such people often go over the heads of others. Wealth does not go to honest and kind people except by inheritance. It is honestly impossible to “succeed and get rich” quickly. Do you need such wealth? An honest woman will not be able to eat food that her husband stole (possibly indirectly, through various manipulations with “fools”). It is unpleasant for an honest person to receive a gift that was bought with such money. It is generally unpleasant to receive anything from such people.

    It's better to be the wife of a turner or a locksmith, an engineer or a teacher – a person who honestly does his job and receives an adequate salary, than to know that you bought a house and went to a resort, and someone's children cry hungry because your faithful so cleverly got rich…

    The mind is different. Who knows how to preserve honor from a young age, who has an unblemished conscience, that's who is smart. Such a person should be respected…

  7. Not obligatory. You can earn money by trading on the market, but what is the point of this money if you do not multiply it? A smart person knows how to manage their money, not spend on nonsense, invest correctly, and so on.

  8. Of course not. These two words represent different characteristics of people.

    There is some connection. It's easier for a smart person to become rich than a stupid one. UNDER EQUAL CONDITIONS.

    In addition, a smart person may not strive for wealth at all.

    “When Diogenes saw the boy drinking water from his hands, he threw the cup out of his bag, thinking that the boy had surpassed him in the simplicity of life.”

  9. Poor means you don't know how to live. has no desire to work hard to support himself and his family . Poor doesn't mean sick! Rather, this laziness prevents him from making decent money!

  10. Are you serious? Situations are different in life. Of course, my neighbor Vasya is stupid, because he doesn't earn money. So he is an engineer, he studied for 6 years, just in our city this profession is not in demand.

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