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  1. Ridley Scott in “Testament “continues to develop the mythology of “Alien”, and it is all the more interesting to watch this, since by “alien” he no longer understands a xenomorph, but a synthetic (thus revealing the popular theory regarding the original film that alien is actually an android Ash). Firstly, it's beautiful, as they say, and secondly, “Testament” becomes darker and tougher, it's partly a slasher. Plus, the film has an infectious opening: no marketing department in a large company would approve of such a plot move, and Scott can afford it.

    Plus, I strongly believe that caricature characters (with the exception of synthetics, Waterson's heroine, and a couple of others) are a consequence of the fact that people in Scott's current dilogy are not key characters. From the point of view of jockeys and synthetics, these are presumptuous illogical creatures that take a lot on themselves. In Covenant, many of the crew members are very similar or lack memorable characteristics. But the epic and the massacre are remembered for a long time.

    Go and form your own opinion, of course, is worth it, especially if you did not cause wild rejection of “Prometheus”. The attitude of fans of the franchise to the dilogy varies, but the “Testament” was received much more warmly.

  2. Since the film has not yet been released, you will have to trust the reviews, so, if you believe them, then this film expands the alien universe and answers questions that Prometheus did not answer, just as many say that it is really capable of scaring the viewer (I really want to believe this, because previous films did not frighten me at all). In this film, I personally will see aliens on the big screen for the first time (in Prometheus, they didn't exist at all, and Alien: Resurrection was released in the year I was born).

  3. Just watched the movie, and I will say that it is worth going exactly if:

    • A) you're a fan of the Alien universe. It has everything, the atmosphere of space, the intensity of the plot, cruelty in behavior from all sides, xenomorphic aesthetics (Giger). But a word of warning (no spoilers): Ridley Scott, if you'll excuse the expression, went over everything that was so necessary for my inquisitive fan mind, thereby showing how insignificant the “eternal questions” can be when events are built on the impulse of the human factor.

    • B) you love old space action/horror movies. Ridley Scott is clearly not trying to stupidly mow down the “young” for himself, he is developing, he draws inspiration from the past and uses modern resources as a basis. Panic, cold terror, sparks, acid, inadequate emotions that only make things worse, helplessness, post-mortem onslaught… and all this forces the characters to be either in hopeless isolation with an abundance of pumping details, or in a frightening empty or dead infinity (choose where you will die).
      Yes, there are disadvantages, but again the team's behavior, their actions, their composition, and their behavior protocols are not clear. On the other hand, perhaps in the future, technologies (which, by the way, are shown this time with less neon fantasy, compared to Prometheus) already allow you to analyze planets at a fairly high level, and sniffing spores of unfamiliar plants is more than adequate behavior (as if in the forest you only sniff what you know what it's called). Why it is customary to take�colonization very seriously, Yes, for us it would be so, but in the universe of the film many planets already�kolonisierung, and the team must consist of geniuses (all geniuses have to be in cryo-sleep, and lead ship of the conventional pilots), is as expected from startups ideal business.�

    In addition, I will note the actress Katherine Waterston, who perfectly played the role of, let's say, the characteristic main character for a series of films, without conceding�Sigourney Weaver.

  4. In my opinion, it is worth it, I love this universe and sincerely believe that in retrospect it has great value for the sci-fi genre. Don't underestimate Scott after Prometheus(which, imho, came out not so bad), even if the grip is not the same, a different time, and people began to expect much more from cinema ,but this man is a giant of the film industry, I think he will always deserve another chance. In addition, why not look at another story about how strangers cut out unsuspecting people (bugagaga)?

    No kidding, this film will be a prequel to the previous aliens, create a new canon, and maybe we'll finally find out all the nuances of the origin of xenomorphs, and this certainly sounds interesting.

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