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  1. Yes, he speaks fast, thinks fast . But how ? That's another question . Whether a person is smart or not ,they are judged by other criteria .There are also fast-talking fools.

  2. No, it doesn't.
    The speed of reflection has nothing to do with the accuracy of these very reflections.
    This is easily understood in the following example:
    If I quickly come to the wrong conclusions, it does not mean that I am smart.
    However, if I come to the wrong conclusions slowly, it also does not make me smarter.
    So speed in this matter is not the main thing at all.

    But this is true up to a certain point.
    Alas, but sometimes there are such brakes that straight horror-horror.:)

  3. In different ways. Some people have a lot to say, but these people are not sure of themselves, they doubt their memory, their ability to express EVERYTHING in full. Their speech is hurried, jerky, jumping from topic to topic. And there are people who are just babblers, and they chatter from an excess of feelings, or they want to create an impression of themselves as a polymath with a pile of incoherent information. It is the same with slow speech, a person is used to relying and being responsible for every word and thought, he carefully analyzes and selects the information that he wants to introduce to the interlocutor. Well, the other side is a slow-witted person who is afraid that they will not understand him, and takes a long time to figure out how to build a phrase, and at the same time forgets why he opened his mouth. We are all different. And you need to be a good speaker, so as not to give people a reason to guess whether you are a fool and just such a philosopher.

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