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  1. This is racist. For a scientific fact, this statement categorically lacks specificity. Who are the blacks? There are no clear boundaries between the races, this is not a discrete black/white toggle switch, but a spectrum. Borders are laid out very conditionally, and at the junctions of historical residence of populations, races flow into each other.

    To assume genetic differences, we need to establish them, and how do we do this? No, you can, of course, draw the same boundaries, in any known way, and then see with what frequency which genes occur in the population. But the problem with this method is that it is one-sided and statistical. That is, we can establish that “blacks” have the dark hair gene in 90% of cases (all figures are taken from the ceiling), and “whites” in 60% of cases. But if you give us a specific black or white color, we can't tell what color his hair is, just assume the probability that he is dark. The same is true for genes that affect intelligence.�

    And here we run into an even bigger problem. What is intelligence? IQ? Admit. We know the genes that affect IQ levels. They don't define it, but they do influence it. And this is a set of genes that affect a little bit, and not a few that affect significantly.

    And yes, we know for sure that on average, blacks show less IQ than whites.�

    The average IQ of African-Americans is 85, Hispanics-89, Whites (of European descent) — 103, Asians (of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent) — 106, and Jews-113.

    What does this mean? That with a certain probability, more than 50%, which I am too lazy to calculate more precisely, the IQ of a black person will be less than the IQ of a white person, while nothing prevents a particular black person from being arbitrarily smarter than a particular white person.

    The wording is already somewhat different from the original one, isn't it? Add also that “black” and “white” are very conditional divisions.

    What happens? Yes, we know that “blacks “are on average “dumber”. With quotation marks, it doesn't sound so pompous anymore. We know that there are genes that affect “intelligence” and can make a person “smarter” or”dumber”. But does this give us the right to say that” blacks “are” dumber ” just because they have these genes? No, it doesn't. There are many different reasons why “blacks” can be “dumber” than “whites”, what happens if we try to isolate these reasons from each other and look at the correlation independently?

    And here's what:

    The influence of social factors on IQ is confirmed by studies of orphaned children. In the United States, children of African descent raised by white foster parents have a ~10% higher IQ than non-white children[41].

    By 10 percent-this is from an average of 85 to an average of 93.5. Already higher than that of Latinos. And if we add that children of African descent adopted by whites are most likely children from dysfunctional families born to mothers with an unknown number of lifestyle-related problems? And Europeans love to adopt the sickest and weakest.

    And almost the same gap is observed in other countries where oppressed and privileged groups can be distinguished:

    A difference of 10-15 points in the IQ score was observed when comparing the average indicators of oppressed social groups (untouchables in India, Burakumin in Japan, Maori in New Zealand) and dominant social groups in these countries. At the same time, the difference disappeared when emigrating to another country, for example: a study among children of Japanese immigrants in the United States did not show any differences in burakumin indicators from other Japanese people. On this basis, a theory was formed about the key influence of the social structure of society and social identification in teaching and passing tests. Such identification can lead, among other things, to the fact that children of African-Americans view good studies and the desire to get a high-status job as a betrayal of their identity[42].

    That is, despite the fact that the existence of genetic causes of the gap is theoretically possible, in practice no one has yet discovered them, but social causes have definitely been found.

    But this is all, in fact, nonsense. Racism is not when there are differences between blacks and whites. Racism is when you use these distinctions to justify discriminatory practices. Let's assume that it will be proved that the genes responsible for black skin, at the same time reduce intelligence. By 10 points. Is there any law that restricts blacks that should be deduced from this? If so, congratulations, you're a racist.

  2. It's not just here. On the one hand, you can just look at the fact, but you can't do this for the simple reason that historically blacks and whites existed in different conditions, even in the same area, and therefore had different resources and opportunities. But at the moment, the rehabilitation of the black population is moving around the world, and there is no longer much difference in intelligence between blacks and whites. �

    In general, for me, the race does not have intelligence.

    If it is purely scientific, then everything is also not simple. The fact is that human intelligence is still being studied and many things have yet to be discovered, understood, and something to rethink. For example, an iq test is not suitable for determining the intelligence of an entire race. Sociological methods of research, even more so.

    The wiki has a reference to a study from the First World War! I put it in bold to show the absurdity of this study. What kind of tests could we talk about if at that time many blacks did not have access even to elementary education?

    There are studies for and against the theory of race and intelligence, but what unites them is that both have been received by the scientific community in completely different ways and often skeptically.

    In general, there are a variety of debates around this topic.

    I would like to add that regardless of where the truth is here, all people(ideally) should be provided with opportunities for intellectual development. And we do not value races as such, but individual members of them who have achieved great success in the sciences and arts and thereby influenced society. Well, let's say some black person with an outstanding mind will really beat the average white person in terms of intelligence. And the opposite will be true.�

    This theory cannot be called a scientific fact. Whether it is racist or not depends on the context and motivations of the statement. Many people probably find it convenient to argue from the position of this theory in connection with racist tendencies.

  3. SCIENCE has long given a very clear answer:

    1. People of intellectual labor are very good at solving scientific problems and very bad at solving practical problems/household activities (up to life disasters).
    2. People of physical/practical work are very good at solving practical tasks./they do not perform well in everyday life and solve scientific problems very poorly.
    3. People of physical and mental labor are developed very harmoniously and comprehensively.

    A huge number of examples and facts are well known.

    A genius in one particular case is usually very far from being a genius in another particular case.

    Skin color in this topic is absolutely inadequate, illiterate, uncultured” far-fetched”.

  4. Racism, of course. There is no factual basis for this statement. IQ tests are culture-specific and are calibrated for each society separately.

    At the same time, even if you try to compare the intelligence of representatives of different biological races living in the same society, you should take representatives of races under completely identical other circumstances: the same financial level, the same number of children in the family, the same type of educational institutions, etc. In cases where all the requirements are met, differences in intelligence are not detected.

  5. What studies were conducted?

    For example, in the United States, the black population is much smaller.

    He was still incriminated until the 1970s.

    This means that they had much less money and opportunities to study at universities, especially top ones where you need to study for 2-5 years and not work. And accordingly, do not help your parents or relatives.

    As well as mass stereotypes, many understood that they could not get to the top and went to work specialties. Not believing in the success of high positions.

  6. It is correct to say that different genetic groups of people (ASD) have a slight difference in the predisposition to develop intelligence. And of course, this does not mean that any Negro is dumber than any white man. And, by the way, the highest average IQ is not at all among Europeans, but among East Asians: Chinese and Japanese.

  7. Well, if you do not count Asians among the black panes, this is Japan Korea China, these countries are ahead of us in terms of intelligence, Korea and China are 1st and 2nd place in terms of intelligence and aikyu!Yes, this can be seen even in the production of equipment and other things.China has long taken the first place from the United States in terms of economy,Japan is on the 2nd place,Korea is on the 12th place.

  8. I think they may be inferior in terms of average IQ or brain size, but this is far from intelligence. Einstein was smart not because he was born in Germany as a Caucasian, but because he was born a genius and was able to realize his gift. So it all depends on the person.

  9. After reading some of the comments, for the first time, I really regretted that I didn't go to science. My dad is African, and my intelligence has always been pretty good. To begin with, I went to one of the best schools in the city. The school had a physical and mathematical bias, and my classmates then calmly entered the best universities in the country. I got there without any effort on my part and on the part of my parents, i.e. without bribes, connections and painful classes with tutors. Studying was easy for me, and I didn't experience any special difficulties, except for physical education classes (yes, this is exactly the gap in the template). I entered the university on a budget and graduated again without bribes and connections.

    Of course, I am not an outstanding person, not a luminary of science, etc., but I know enough “white” people who are more stupid than I am (forgive me for such immodesty). And a vivid example of this is some local commentators who do not even know how to use Google, because the names of black astronauts can be found there in five seconds.�

    Especially for those who find it difficult to formulate a search query in the search engine:

    Guyon Stewart Bluford (born 1942) is an American
    NASA astronaut
    and an Air Force Colonel
    (as of 1993). Participant of four flights to “Space Shuttle“.

    Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez�(Spanish)
    Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez, род. January 29
    , 1942, Guantanamo Bay) — the first Cuban
    cosmonaut, the first Latin American and the first person of African descent in space. (please find the photo yourself, it's very simple)

    I-Ta-daaaaaam! DIRECTOR OF NASA!

    Charles Frank Bolden – Director of NASA from 2009 to 2017!!! How was that supposed to be searched??

    And if you Google African American astronauts, you immediately come across a list with 14 (!!!) blacks, and these are only those who have flown in space!

    By the way, it was also easy to find: Ashitei Trebi-Olenna is the chief robotics engineer and technical team leader at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    It is also easy (if you know how to write, read, and most importantly – choose keywords for the search) to find the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993 Toni Morrison.

    And Gwendolyn Brooks, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1950. This is back in the days of segregation (if people who use the word “tolerance” know what segregation is)�

    And Sir William Arthur Lewis, winner of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Economics.

    Long-suffering Garrett Morgan in 1912, in order to protect employees of fire departments from toxic combustible substances, came up with a device that historians consider the first modern gas mask. And Haslett's invention, the” lung protector ” they were talking about here, only served to keep the dust out. Morgan was also the author of the first electric three-position traffic light.

    Percy Julian is an American research chemist, a pioneer in the chemical synthesis of medicinal products from plants. He was the first to synthesize physostigmine, and also became the founder of the industrial large-scale chemical synthesis of human hormones (progesterone and testosterone) from plant steroids such as stigmasterol and sitosterol. His work laid the foundation for the production of steroid drugs-cortisone, other corticosteroids and birth control pills

    From the film world, you can remember such directors as Spike Lee, John Singleton, Oscar Michaud, Michael Schultz, and William Greaves. For the most gifted: being stupid, you can't even become an average director, you can try acting, and then not always (that's why I don't mention them as an example), but a director without a brain is like a paralytic dancer.

    I would continue the list: both Google and memory throw up examples, but they call me for dinner.�

    I understand, of course, that some people, along with their Ku Klux Klan friends, make up all sorts of fairy tales to feel superior at least because of the color of their skin, but guys, to say that a person's intelligence can be judged by their race is too much. Especially in Russia with all our Araps, Pushkins, Pattersons, Robinsons, Hangas, well, etc.

    And, by the way, about all these studies with adopted children, the dependence of intelligence on skin color (the lighter, the smarter), etc.. This has long been denied. Just search, you're so smart)

  10. If we consider IQ as an indicator of intelligence, then there is an American study where the indicators of Blacks are significantly lower than whites and Asians. If you look at brain research-it is not known, there are 2 things in the world that are least studied-the ocean and the brain. Neuroscience, which studies the brain so much, still knows so little about it. If you look at the countries-again, yes, negroid developed countries-no. At the same time, the most underdeveloped countries are Negroid. An example is South Africa: the more white people leave, the more the country slides towards the banana republic. Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia) was once one of the most developed countries in Africa, after the departure of whites and the rule of blacks, one of the most impoverished countries in Africa, where currency is measured in billions and packed in bags. If it's the lack of opportunities for development, then take a look at the United States. Negroes have been able to get an education there for more than half a century without any problems. Have there been too many Black Nobel laureates? Scientists? Genius inventors? Engineers? Philosophers? Great entrepreneurs and businessmen? Writers? The phrase “Negro aircraft designer”,” Negro rocket builder ” causes hysterical laughter. But the work of these people is the result of intellectual activity. For work, I lived a little in the USA, Negroes-doctors, scientists, mathematicians, IT specialists are only in films. They don't exist in real life. Yes, there are a lot of Negroes in nurses and physical therapists. But mostly-the most” outstanding ” Negroes are rappers and basketball players-all of them. So to speak, jump-run, sing-dance, booty wiggle. These are not creative professions, not intellectual ones. So yes, Blacks are on average less intellectually developed than whites than Asians.

    PS Because of the mania of tolerance, Negroes, thank God, are still being shoved only in films, because when they start being shoved into rockets for show, achtung will begin.

  11. It sounds quite adequate.

    If you count the majority, then yes.

    But among the blacks, there were, are and will be many outstanding personalities who at least slightly changed this world.

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